Tribe Sunglasses | An Interview With Jonny Golding

This season has seen an emergence of stylish and sustainable designs that are as dedicated to environmental harmony as they are to high fashion. Among the brands that have committed to ethically sources fashion is Tribe, a UK based company that specialises in wood-based accessories, including watches and sunglasses.

Tribe sources all of its materials from sustainable areas, and the wood in its designs is fully recyclable. The brand is a collective of individuals who are all inspired by adventure and creativity, and have come together to develop truly authentic and original products. Eager to find out more about Tribe, we spoke to one of its chief members, Jonny Golding, about the origins of the brand and why he insists on the all-natural approach.


What were you doing before you created Tribe Eyewear?

In a previous life I used to chase 15 guys and an oval shaped ball around as a pro rugby player.

Where did the idea and ethos for Tribe come from?

At Tribe we love nothing more than being out in the elements and enjoying nature. So we wanted to create a stylish and unique range of natural products for likeminded people to enjoy.

What inspires the designs for Tribe?

Pretty simple, the natural materials we use inspire us. When you pick up each pair of Tribe Wooden sunglasses it’s completely one of a kind with its own grain and story. We then set to work to make super comfortable light weight frames and finish them off with lenses that not only give you a fantastic outlook, but also offer complete eye protection

Why do you choose to use all natural materials for Tribe products?

First of all, wood is a beautiful raw material and great to work with. When sourced correctly, it is a renewable source and also uses no harmful chemicals to create. Once the pair of sunglasses comes to the end of its life, they are fully recyclable.

Oh and we mustn’t forget how good they look too! Wood is good.


What’s the most exciting thing about working with a brand like Tribe?

The freedom to be ourselves and make the things we love. We are so passionate about each design and it’s awesome to see people enjoying them so much. That’s what makes us tick!

What do you love about the surf lifestyle?

For us it’s not about the surf lifestyle as such. You see the ‘’Surf Lifestyle’’ can often be seen on busy and popular beaches, we just love nothing more than surfing away from the crowds solo or with a few good buddies. The pace of modern day life is so fast now so it’s nice to slow things down a little.

Stick us out in the wilderness with pumping waves and some beers and we’ll be happy as pigs in mud!

What does Tribe have in store for 2016?

Well you would have to swear yourself into the Tribe and take the initiation to get those secrets. What I can tell you is that we have some really exciting ideas and developments happening at Tribe HQ, so watch this space!

Which pair of Tribe shades from B Sunglasses will you be wearing on the beach this summer?

Wowsers, good question. Well for me it would have to be between the Two Moons and Mavericks. Tough call!


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Which Tribe will you be joining?