Travel Eyewear

Eyewear for Travel, hugely important accessories when driving long distances in sunshine (or at night), the right sunglasses or glasses can make the journey all that more comfortable. Our collection of blog posts below looks a little closer at the right eyewear to travel in.

Christmas Travel: New Orleans

new orleans augustine church photo
Photo by HarshLight

The vibrant spirit of New Orleans makes it a top destination throughout every season, every year. As with everyone of their celebrations, for Christmas, they go big. The unique and captivating culture and history of the city creates a season of festivities like nowhere else. Gingerbread displays, the annual Sugarbowl Football Game, hundreds of thousands of lights and an unforgettable Christmas Eve bonfire tradition: New Orleans is the ultimate festive city.

Strasbourg: Capital de Noël

strasbourg photo
Photo by Marius Brede

Strasbourg in December resembles a scene out of a classic Christmas film. Proudly named Capital de Noël, or Capital of Christmas, the historic town transforms into a festive wonderland throughout the period. Take a trip this year and enjoy the magic of the town’s lights, mulled wine, and sounds of carolling that drift across the canals and wind through the cobbled streets.

Where to Go for a Banging Bonfire Night

fireworks night photo

Over the last few years, Bonfire Night has come to mean more than a wonky Catherine Wheel scorching a hole in your neighbour’s garden fence. Now, towns and cities come out in force with artistic firework displays, marching bands, light shows, parties, fairgrounds etc. We’ve picked the top places in Britain to celebrate Bonfire Night this year. Oh, and excuse the cheesy title; it was too hard to resist.