Travel Tuesday: Rio De Janeiro

Travel Tuesday: Rio De Janeiro

The locals call it the Cidade Marvilhosa – and understandably so. Rio has great style. Its international renown is strengthened by some of the most spectacular landmarks in the world. The Corcovado Mountain supporting the great statue of Christ the Redeemer; the distinctive shape of Sugar Loaf Mountain, standing at the entrance to the bay; and the famous sweeps of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, probably the most beautiful stretches of sand the earth has to offer. It’s a spectacle that is enhanced annually by the frenetic sensuality of Carnaval, an explosive celebration that – for many people – sums up Rio.

Sitting on the southern shore of the wonderful Guanabara Bay has to be one of the most stunning settings in the world. The shore extends for 20km along a sedimentary strip, between a clear blue sea and green mountains, the city’s streets and buildings have been formed around the bottom of the mountain range that provides its backdrop, while out in the bay there are many pretty islands with small white sandy beaches. The views over Rio are magnificent, with the skyscrapers that dictate the city’s skyline add to the attraction. As Brazil’s second largest city, Rio has amazing historical architecture, some outstanding museums and galleries, exquisite restaurants and a vibrant nightlife – in addition to its legendary beaches. With so much to see and do, Rio can really suck you in and you may find it very hard to leave!
Surrounding the city, the state is beautiful and easy to access. You can take trips north or south along the coastline and find incredible, untouched beaches with clean, crystal clear ocean waters. You can also take trips in land to visit some of the retreats tucked away in to the mountain for some of Rio’s upper class to get away from the city.
The best time to visit both city and state, at least as far as the climate goes, is between May and August, when the region is cooled by trade winds, the temperature remains at around 22–32°C and the sky tends to be clear. Between December and March (the rainy season), it’s more humid, with the temperature hovering around 40°C; but even then it’s rarely as oppressive as it is in northern Brazil, and there’s a chance of blue sky for at least part of the day.
A trip to Rio De Janeiro would not be complete without a trip up to Sugarloaf mountain. Beach, Mountains, Sun, Sea, Planes, City, everything you want to see in a view is here. To reach the summit, passengers take two cable cars. Once you are at the top the views are simply breathtaking. You can grab yourself an ice cold drink from one of the vendors, sit back, and take it all in. Definitely one to tick off the bucket list.


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