Travel Tuesday | Brazil Beach Getaway

When contemplating an idyllic beach getaway, the coastline in Brazil is up there with the few that spring to mind.

Stretching across 17 different states and 7500km, the Brazilian coast has something for everyone, and at this time of year sunseekers flock to the Portuguese-speaking haven as summer starts at the beginning of the year: in other words, NOW. Each beach in Brazil has its own unique personalities and will draw a different clientele, so don’t be fooled into thinking the only place worth a visit is Copacabana. We’ve taken the liberty of arranging each Brazilian coastline destination into what appeals to most visitors, from the culture, to the best sports spots, to simply where is the most dreamy place to doze off, cocktail in hand, and catch a few rays.


If you’re looking for a sea, sun and sports, Brazil has plenty to offer in terms of watersports at their thousands of beaches. Don’t let the muddy waters and black sands of Praia de Araxa in the state capital put you off a visit, as it is known as an ideal destination for watersports. If you want a beach with a view you can admire while surfing the crystalline waves, look no further than Pedra do Sal in  Rio de Janiero, where natives also congregate weekly for street parties of singing and playing the popular game of samba. Kite surfing at the beach resort of Porto das Dunas in the north east of the country is ideal due to the high winds and warm water, and also draws tourists for a fun day out at the larges water park in South America, The Beach Park – something for water sports enthusiasts of any level.

If you can’t sit still on holiday, Pipa Beach, on the north east coastline, has a whole host of activities to choose from. Famous for being home to dolphins and turtles, Pipa is going to be one of your best bets for spotting these aquatic creatures, and also offers boat and canoe journeys, horse and buggy rides and trails for scenic walks, along with incredible views and ideal conditions for watersports. There are plenty of places to stay, along with traditional places to experience Brazilian cuisine and plays host to people from all over the world simply because of the nightlife at this resort.

We couldn’t talk about the top spots along the Brazilian coast without at least a mention of – you guessed it – Copacabana. Despite having just missed the world famous New Year celebrations, the world famous beach is still a hot spot for any activity, whether its watersports, clubbing, eating out or soaking up the vitamin D. However, due to its popularity, this beach may not be the most relaxing, and in this case a better bet may be Jericoacoara, located in the north-east of the country, and considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Jericoacoara truly is breathtaking, and a quick image search will confirm why it is held in such high regard. Crystal clear turquoise waters and white sands make for scenery that is more than postcard-worthy.

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Will you be making a break for Brazil this January?