Top Sunglasses Trends – Summer 2016


This summer is well under way, making it the absolute height of sunglass season. And as people are heading off on their holidays around this time, we thought we’d do a rundown of the top sunglasses trends this summer. We hope this rundown helps you get a rough idea of 2016’s summer styles, and that it points you in the right direction for your next pair of designer sunglasses.

Oversize your look


Images: Antonio Marras – Dolce & Gabbana – N°21

Oversized sunglasses have been a big deal on the eyewear fashion scene for at least a couple of years now, and we’re seeing more and more oversized frames on the catwalks, red carpets, and in new ranges from many of the top designers we stock here at B Sunglasses. It’s the confidence and sense of personality of the oversized look that attracts so many women, and it’s this personality that attracts many of the top designers too! You can shop the entire range of oversized sunglasses at B Sunglasses, but here are a few of our top picks that fit perfectly with this summer’s top trends:


These fabulous Dolce & Gabbana oversized wayfarers – available here


These sleek Tom Ford Alicia sunglasses in light Havana with slight cat eye effect – available here


These sophisticated MIU MIU Apple in brushed gold Culte sunglasses – available here


Get the Feline Look – Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Cat-eye sunglasses have an undeniably vintage look that belongs somewhere between the sixties and the seventies. The style has come and gone over the years, but its resurgence in the past few years has been enormous. And the soft curves and elegant lines of the cat-eye look are so sensual and alluring that we can’t work out why it ever went out of fashion. With celebs like Emma Stone, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansen all sporting cat-eye sunglasses over the last year, this style is probably going to stick around for a long time! You can browse through our cat-eye collection today, but here are a few of our suggestions in line with this summer’s top trends:


These opulent black MIU MIU metal mix cat-eye sunglasses – available here


These vintage-style Tom Ford Karina sunglasses – available here


These stunning red-velvet-finish cat-eye sunglasses from Italia Independent – available here


Aviators are King (and Queen)


Image: Walker – Tommy Hilfiger – House of Holland

Aviators are, without doubt, one of the most iconic sunglasses of the last eighty years. And they’re still hugely popular this summer. Originally developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 to help protect pilots’ eyes, aviators (in one form or another) have been in fashion every decade since. The great thing about the aviator style is that it’s popular with both men and women. Although the style has a strong, masculine aesthetic, designers like Tom Ford and Ray-Ban® are producing some wonderful feminine aviator designs. You can check our aviator collection, but here’s selection of our favourites in line with this year’s top summer trends:


These striking Tom Ford Kirk sunglasses – available here


These bold, brow-lined Liane sunglasses, also from Tom Ford – available here


This orange twist on the classic aviator, from Ray-Ban® – available here


Big, Bold Geometric Rims


Image: Prada – Marco De Vincenzo – Loewe

This summer has seen a big influx of bold geometric shapes. Circles and squares are in this year, but only when they’re served with a twist. Eyewear designers around the world are complicating these simplistic geometric shapes, producing stunning results. You can look through our round and square collections today, and here’s a taster of our top summer picks:


These elegant MIU MIU Metal Mix round sunglasses – available here


These vintage-looking round Elson sunglasses from Paul Smith – available here


These square Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses – available here


We hope we’ve inspired a few people to upgrade their designer glasses to one of 2016’s top trends. Although they’re incredibly trendy now, many of these styles will be popular for years and years to come, so don’t fret about today’s styles falling out of fashion tomorrow. 2016 is an exciting year for eyewear fashion and we’re pleased to stock hundreds of sunglasses from the world’s top designers. You should also check into our blog now and then, if you like to stay on top of eyewear news, brand reviews and trends.