Toast Of The Town: Canine Sunglasses Model Taking the World by Storm

Fashion lovers everywhere are sure to have come across Toast the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who last week was revealed as the face of Karen Walker’s brand new eyewear collection.

The eyewear designer extrordinaire has featured the pup in her most recent editorial shots wearing some of her stunning SS15 designs. With her very own Instagram (@toastmeetsworld), Toast is the prized pet of New York ‘It’ Girl and PR Katie Sturino. She may have no teeth and a tongue that sticks out but Toast has already rubbed shoulders with the likes of Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk proving her very own ‘It’ Girl credentials.

Whilst Karen Walker is no stranger to using unconventional models (you might remember Walker’s campaign in which she used stunning elderly models), Toast is in a league of her own.

“It wasn’t until we first saw this season’s star that we thought there was a celebrity who could actually capture the essence of our brand in a campaign,” Walker said.

However, Toast isn’t just all puppy dog eyes and a glossy coat: she is also an advocate against puppy mills like the one she was rescued from and her presence has helped raise awareness for the growing problem.

For now Toast is enjoying her celebrity status and we’re certainly enjoying her adorable shades…




toast-walker3Image source: The Huffington Post


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