The Wait Is Over, Batman Vs Superman Has Landed

It’s the film that all comic book fans have always dreamed of…and it’s finally here! That’s right folks, Batman Vs Superman and we’ve just watched it…in our very own cinema screen for the 4 of us. Don’t worry though; we won’t be giving you any spoilers.

Two Iconic Heroes Go Toe To Toe

First off, Ben Affleck as Batman, even after all of the bad press and negative comments we all agree that he IS Batman. All of the concerns were unjustified, he does a great job and we look forward to seeing him in the role again. His fight scenes are fantastic; he brings a violent and brutal fight style that suits Batman.


Superman takes a bit of a back seat in this one but Henry Cavill still does a great job as the Man Of Steel. The fight scenes are great and seeing them go toe to toe is fantastic, they have been well worth the wait, in fact there could have been more of them.

Superman With A Crowd Of Fans

The one reservation we have had from the beginning was the casting of Jesse Eisenberg  as Lex Luthor and unfortunately he just doesn’t pull it off, in fact he seemed to be too comedic in his portrayal, he was too obvious and a stereotypical “crazy villain” rather than the genius and sinister Lex Luthor we really wanted to see.


Zack Snyder has done a pretty decent job with a story that was a very daunting task, he has set up some great stories for future films, though at times there may have been a bit too much crammed into one film.


But with some great set pieces and action that you get caught up in you can forgive a few lapses where the film seems to slip a bit or even drag on a bit unnecessarily.


We think you shouldn’t ever give these supposed “critics” much notice as everyone enjoys different things, so just because it’s not some weird arty film and it has cgi it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. Batman Vs Superman is not going to win a best film Oscar, but no one expects it to, it’s a fun Superhero film with some iconic characters brought to life, some great action scenes and some good special effects. We have all really enjoyed it and think a second viewing is in order.


So if you like Batman or Superman then we would say ignore the “critics” and go and see the film for yourself and make your own mind up. Let’s hope it does well at the box office so that they bring us more.


So has anyone else seen the film yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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