The Next Bond

The next installment of James Bond is released today and rumour has it that Spectre will be Daniel Craig’s last outing as Britain’s most famous secret agent. We are self confessed movie fanatics, here at B Sunglasses, so we thought we’d put together our very own shortlist of possible replacements for Daniel Craig. The list is based almost solely on the artist’s style credentials, we love movies but we’re not even going to pretend we know anything about the finer points of acting!


Idris Elba

First in our list is a bona fide contender to succeed Daniel Craig, probably the only one on our list if we’re honest. Idris is not only an accomplished actor; having stole the show in TV series such as The Wire and Luther along with cameo roles in blockbuster such as Thor and Pacific Rim, but he is also quite possibly one of the coolest human beings on the planet. Oh, and he happens to be a renowned DJ. A DJ playing James Bond, need we say anymore?!

Idris Elba photo
Photo by GabboT

David Beckham

Another name who has been mentioned is the former England captain. I know it sounds crazy but hear us out. Yes, he may have no real acting experience, other than a series of adverts and a cameo in Guy Ritchie’s latest movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E, but what does that matter, he’s David Beckham! Beckham certainly has the suave style of 007 nailed on, having been a global style icon for years, we’ll forgive him for the sarong. The ex Man-Utd man has also been given a small cameo in Guy Ritchie’s next movie about King Arthur, so who knows he may impress the Bond director enough with his acting chops alone.

David Gandy

Again this is another on our list with no real acting experience, except for those non-speaking parts in M&S adverts that leave viewers swooning.  When you think of James Bond you automatically think of a sophisticated English gent who wears nothing but the sharpest suits and pulls them off effortlessly. Who better for the role than a man who was voted as having the ‘most beautiful international male face.’ The movie wouldn’t even need a script, merely point the camera at Gandy and watch the awards roll in, well we did tell you we knew nothing about the movie industry didn’t we.

David Gandy photo
Photo by Walterlan Papetti

Michael Caine

Who said all the young pretenders should have all the fun?! Michael Caine, that’s Sir Michael Caine to you, is certified Hollywood royalty. In fact, we’re just amazed he’s never actually played the secret agent before now. Maybe the franchise would be best off heading in a new direction and an East End cockney Bond may be just the trick.  Caine’s no stranger to playing slick characters on screen, just look at the Italian Job as an example of Caine strutting his stuff in Saville Row’s finest tailoring, only this time he’ll be catching the villains instead of being one. “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off, Miss Moneypenny.”

Harry Styles

We reiterate we know nothing about acting here at B Sunglasses! Harry has always come across as the leader of the band and we feel like he is capable of shouldering the responsibility of being the face of the longest running movie franchise in history. No pressure Harry. He’s always had a distinctive style that stood out from the rest of the band, making him a smart sartorial choice for Bond, and with the announcement that One Direction are taking a break after they finish their current tour, it looks as though Harry will have a few afternoons to fill in.


Who do you think will be next?