The Most (and Least) Stylish Men in Football

The Most (and Least) Stylish Men in Football

With another record breaking deadline day finishing last night, I could not help but notice some of the interesting clothing choices of footballers as they turn up to training grounds to sign a new contract. That image of Harry Redknapp leaning out of his window, or Jim Whites yellow tie are probably the most iconic images associated with deadline day. But some things that always resonate in the back of my mind are the gold plated sneakers, leather trousers and strange hats that players and managers alike are all too often spotted in.


Perhaps a lot of the problem is that these players are still young, have far more money than sense, and seem to be in a peacock-ing competition among themselves. That accompanied by the high end designers forever exploring every boundary of materials, colours and fits means it is inevitable that footballers will adorn some questionable outfits now and again. However there are some that just can not be excused, so we have shamed them. That all being said, there are also many men associated with the football elite that are also just as comfortable on the front of GQ, and become icons of style among us mere mortals. Now obviously good style is divided by opinion, so we’ve gathered together some of the interesting outfits we’ve seen footballers in over the years. So inspired by deadline day, here is a collection of the stylish elite, contrasted with some of the horror shows.


Hidetoshi Nakata

We kick things off with Japanese midfield legend Hidetoshi Nakata. Widely considered to be one of the most famous Asian footballers of his generation, and one of the greatest Japanese players of all time. In 2005, he was made the Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity, one of Italy’s highest honors, for improving the country’s image overseas after his successful stint at Roma. Nakata also had a deep interest in fashion, and is still regularly seen at fashion runway shows and events across the globe. Always seen in an effortlessly cool get-up… Hidetoshi we salute you!


Alex Song

Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong, better known as Alex Song,  Cameroonian professional footballer now playing for Rubin Kazan. The former Arsenal and Barcelona defensive midfielder served as the composed rock of his team mates on the pitch. However he is also notorious for wearing some strange outfits. Pictured here wearing a Pharrell Williams inspired funny red hat, with a short sleeve denim jacket and a big wooden necklace. We love the sunglasses mind! You can shop the style with these Ray-Ban®’s.


George Best

The legendary Georgey Best. Pictured here riding a bicycle, and looking cooler on it than I would in a vintage Ferrari. Regarded as one of the greatest players to ever grace the football pitch, Best was also renowned for his rock’n’roll lifestyle. What was it he said? “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered”. He was also a lover of style, pictured above in a worker jacket, white oxford and slim fitting tailored trousers, and of course that iconic floppy hair. Style status: Legendary.


Samuel Eto’o

Now I’m not really sure what Sammy Eto’o wears on his casual Sunday’s out, but what I do know is he wore this leather suit with crocodile trimmings and it’s just not on. I guess he can sort of make up for it since he was picking up an award for African Player of the Year, so he would argue he’s allowed to wear whatever the hell he wants. Maybe if I’d won African Player of the Year I’d wear a leather suit too? But I can’t help but think his body is slowly melting to the inside of the jacket under the heat.


Thierry Henry

Legendary striker Thierry Henry is pretty well know for his smoothness, so he had to be included in this list. We all remember his certain ‘Va va voom’ don’t we? Pictured here recently wandering the streets in a plain white T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans. His tattoos seem to have appeared out of nowhere, but if anyone can pull them off its Henry. The former Arsenal and Barcelona hero can also be spotted in the Sky Sports studio offering analysis in a nicely tailored suit in typical French sophistication.


Lionel Messi

Now, similar to the Eto’o case, one would be inclined to forgive Messi for pretty much anything he does or wears in his own time. Given that he is arguably the greatest player of all time and everything. The man is a delight to watch as he glides past the most formidable defenders with ease, and has been the main attraction in a supreme Barcelona squad over the years. But Lionel has been caught on more than one occasion wearing some strange suits, not least this polkadot one at the Ballon D’or . Someone should tell him.


David Beckham

Don’t think we really need to say much about this one. When you think of the most stylish people let alone footballers in the world this guys name always pops up. And rightly so. Here he is sporting a Saint Laurent leather biker jacket with a shirt and tie. A tough one to pull off really, but he does it oh so well. The new face of H&M’s revitalised ‘menswear’ look has transformed from the nations favourite footballer to simply the nations favourite.


Andriy Voronin

Where do we start? Former Liverpool star and Ukraine international Andriy Voronin pretty much summing up what you should never consider wearing. And his girlfriend helping him #Relationshipgoals


Andres Pirlo

Italian veteran and style icon Andres Pirlo. Whether he’s calmly chipping in a pen past Joe Hart for his country or sat drinking red wine in a crisp white shirt, this man always looks cool. Here he is seen in a more casual light adorning a military parker and knitwear. Much like Becks, there was an endless supply of photos of this guy looking cool. So it was an easy decision.


Some Barcelona Players

So to finish things off, here is a selection of Barcelona stars from a few years back. I think the most garish piece here is Dani Alves and his gold sneakers, but really there is a number of disasters to pick from. While writing this I had a think to myself as to which footballer I would be in terms of style… Would I be the effortlessly cool, Andres Pirlo of the world? Or would I be another leather pants, silly hat and snakeskin boots kind of guy? I’d like to think the former but I guess I’ll never know.