The Kering Foundation’s 10 Year Anniversary

Over the years the fashion industry has grown increasingly politically conscious. Success in the world of fashion gives both individuals, as well as companies, a platform and a voice. Kering, the super company who own designer houses such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen, have used their visibility and influence to help others. This year marks the decade anniversary of the establishment of the Kering Foundation: a charity working to protect women against violence across the world.

In 2008 mega group Kering set up a new foundation focusing on raising awareness around the domestic violence suffered by women every day. Founded by Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, the foundation have made gigantic contributions across the world to the safeguarding of women. Working with local NGOs and social entrepreneurs, they have created countless awareness campaigns across the world.

Just a visit to the Kering Foundation website homepage is enough to realise the enormity of the issue they’re tackling. 1 in 3 women is victim to violence. 1 out of 5 young women is a victim of sexual assault during university studies in the U.S. 25 to 30% of Chinese women are victims of domestic violence during their lifetime. These are just a few of the shocking statistics the Kering Foundation are trying to change. Their strategy focuses on three main regions and their primary problems: harmful traditional challenges in Western Europe; sexual violence in the Americas; and domestic violence in Asia. They work alongside NGOs and produce outstanding social awareness campaigns in each region.

Kering Foundation - Instagram
Kering Foundation – Instagram

Their most famous has been the White Ribbon for Women campaign, launched in 2012. The campaign attempts to target Generation Z and fight cyberbullying. Statistically, women are 27 times more likely to bullied online than men and Kering are using their social media platforms to tackle these issues. You can get involved by using the #IDontSpeakHater hashtag across social media.

Executive director of the foundation Céline Bonnaire said in an interview with Elle, “The past ten years has been an amazing journey that we have traveled on together with brilliant and brave people. Moving into the next decade we wish to continue our mission to combat against violence.”

Kering Foundation - Instagram
Kering Foundation – Instagram

Another excellent campaign supported by the Kering Foundation is Project DOT, run by New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. The campaign works to not only empower, but also equip young people with the skills to engage with consent and healthy sexual practices. Focusing on youth aged between 13 and 21, the campaign helps them create radio shows, art, and videos that push forward a dialogue of safe and consensual sex. Senior Provention Coordinator explained the work: ‘The kids use the hashtags “#everybodytoldme…but #nobodytoldme” to share with viewers the harmful advice, messages, and knowledge that society (adults, peers, media) has told them and then what they wish someone really shared with them. For example, #everybodytoldme sex should flow, but #nobodytoldme I’m allowed to say no”. These campaign messages can be found on our Instagram page: @nycalliance.”

Congratulations on 10 years of incredible work from the Kering Foundation and we hope it continues to grow and help women in the future. Kering are one of our biggest companies, owning eyewear designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney who are all hugely popular on our site.

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