Swimwear Style Selection

Finding the perfect bikini that looks as good on you as it does on the model is, frankly, a task and a half. There are so many variations now that it’s hard to work out whether those high waisted bottoms will go with that halter neck top, or whether cut outs are worth it in the long run when you get home and have weird tan lines. You’re not alone in this swimwear world of lycra, strange ties and trying to make a strapless bikini top look flattering, every woman struggles with it at some point, so we thought we’d try and narrow down some of the coolest swim fashion on the high street right now to make it a little less traumatic for you.



Keep it simple, demure and classy with a swimming costume and you’ll find yourself much more relaxed with the possibility of a nip-slip significantly lowered. The extra material in a swimsuit means there’s more to work with in terms of design, so there are some super cool swimming costumes all over the high street and online at the moment. They’re also great for when you’ve indulged in a little too much holiday food – tummy control swimsuits can hide a multitude of sins!


High waisted

Great for disguising a little bloat while offering a little vintage feel to your holiday look are high waisted bottoms. Loads of places are offering the option of high waisted bottoms in mix and match bikini sets, and celebs like Kylie Jenner have been rocking the 1950s inspired look, meaning it’s sure to catch on this summer, so get your hands on a pair before your favourites are gone!


Classic bikinis

Often the classic looks are the best, and this is no different when it comes to swimwear. Simple shapes for both tops and bottoms mean you can pick something that’s more flattering for your body type, instead of focusing on whether you’re accidentally flashing someone or getting a weird tan line. Keeping the shapes classic also gives you a little more leeway with designs and prints, so be adventurous!



Ok, so these are the ones for the girls who’d prefer to sip cocktails in the shade than lie in the sun for 8 hours straight desperately minimising any chance of tan lines. The straps and patterns in these bikinis mean they’re not ideal sunbathing attire, but they’ll definitely help you stand out at any pool party – who needs a tan when you can be having fun in the sun anyway.


Cover ups

For those moments when you think you might be burning, when you need a drink refill, or you simply want to slip into something a little less revealing. Cover-ups are almost as important as the swimsuit itself – you can very well be seen walking around in a towel can you?! Whether you prefer long or short, kaftan or playsuit, picking something to cover up your swimwear is also one of the most important parts of choosing your holiday wardrobe!


Pool accessories

Everyone dreams of looking like they’re part of a photoshoot on holiday, so make sure you pack some trendy pool accessories and have you’re own! Everyone will be jealous of your sunny snaps when they see you’re riding a giant flamingo looking like a queen.

Essential sunglasses

Bolon Cut Out Cateye Sunglasses in Black Red Purple Polarised
Bolon Cut Out Cateye Sunglasses in Black Red Purple Polarised
Fendi Eye Colour Metal Cateye Sunglasses in Blue
Fendi Eye Colour Metal Cateye Sunglasses in Blue