Sunglasses Guide: Fendi’s Gorgeous Geometric Sunglasses

An assortment of Fendi’s geometric sunglasses (top lefttop rightbottom leftbottom right)

It’s difficult to think of a single big Italian fashion designer that doesn’t excel at eyewear design. More than any other country, Italy has an affinity with eyewear. Whilst many of Italy’s biggest designers hail from Milan (one of the four fashion capitals of the World), Fendi was founded in Rome. This Roman background has helped the brand distance itself from its Milanese sisters is a few interesting ways — especially with respect to eyewear. Whilst many of the big Italian designers create big, opulent designs, Fendi’s eyewear aesthetic is softer and a little more subtle. This penchant for subtlety is fascinating when applied to a typically less-than-subtle eyewear style; so this is why we’ve written this sunglasses guide, looking at Fendi’s fascinating approach to geometric sunglasses. If anything in this guide takes your fancy, you’ll find it in our Fendi Geometric Sunglasses collection.

Facets Metal Heptagon Sunglasses

Fendi’s Facet Metal Heptagon Sunglasses (topbottom)

The Facets Metal Heptagon design is a great place to start with this guide as it perfectly illustrates Fendi’s subtle approach to geometric eyewear. Each rim is a heptagon (7 sides), yet there is an incredible sense of symmetry, despite the odd-numbered shape. Another subtle feature is the round shape on the inside of the rim as this softens the angles on the outside, creating something that is altogether balanced and refined. It’s also worth noting that the combination of round and geometric shapes makes this design feel almost timeless; this is because the modern geometric outline is balanced by the vintage, classic round design. The Facet Metal Heptagon suits most face shapes, but it is especially flattering on people with square or otherwise angular features.

Eyeline Octagonal Sunglasses

Fendi’s Eyeline Octagonal sunglasses (top lefttop rightbottom leftbottom right)

Fendi’s Eyeline Octagonal sunglasses have a neat, understated symmetry that many people find incredibly appealing. The thin metal frame feels especially vintage and it taps into some other classic eyewear designs, such as Ray-Ban’s iconic Aviator sunglasses. However, the straight line of the bridge and sharper angles around the rim give Fendi’s Eyelines a slightly modern aspect. This modern style is further accentuated by a unique assortment of colour schemes, such as pink grey and gold, and its various blues, golds, and greys. It’s not that Fendi chooses strange colours, as few elements of any of Fendi’s eyewear are “strange”; it’s more that the colours are put together in fresh, interesting ways. The geometric trend has been building in the last two years and a good pair of octagonal sunglasses could become a vital part of your wardrobe this summer!

Can Eye Geometric Sunglasses

Fendi’s Can Eye Geometric sunglasses (topbottom leftbottom right)

Moving on to another recognisable shape, let’s look at Fendi’s pentagon Can Eye Geometric sunglasses. This design takes the simple pentagon shape and changes a few of the angles a little, moving away from geometric uniformity and towards something a lot more stylish and elegant. Although recognisable as a pentagon, the sides aren’t of equal length, stretching out slightly on the outer sides, creating an ever-so-slight cateye effect. This is the kind of clever, understated eyewear design we’ve come to expect from Fendi. The additional stud decorations on the upper corners emphasise the cateye element of the rims and help glamourize and complicate the silhouette a little.

Eyeline Sunglasses


Fendi’s Eyeline sunglasses (top lefttop rightbottom)

Some might argue that Fendi’s Eyeline sunglasses aren’t geometric, and we understand why, but we think that the addition of the diagonal line on the outer upper corners makes them a sort of hybrid design, somewhere between pilots and one of the angled geometric designs we discussed above. The diagonal edge creates two harder angles that match up with the octagons, pentagons, and heptagons discussed above; however, the rest of the rims have a classic pilot design, although with a slightly more central, balanced outline. The allusion to the classic pilot design is taken a step further with the addition of the double bridge and the thin metal frame. If you’re interested in geometric sunglasses but you don’t want to leave behind some of the rounder designs, then any of these Eyeline sunglasses might be an excellent addition to your wardrobe! The frames are all shiny gold, but the lens colours are all incredibly vibrant — allowing you to choose the perfect colour to match your favourite dress or the dominant colour scheme in your current wardrobe.

Facets Geometric Sunglasses

Fendi’s Facets Geometric Sunglasses (available here)

Fendi’s Facets Geometric sunglasses are another subtle take on the geometric trend taking over the eyewear world. Rather than choosing an obvious geometric shape and making that the entire basis for the rims, Fendi has rounded the inside edges and kept the harder lines and angles to the outside and top of the sunglasses. The result definitely falls into the cateye category, but its harder, more geometric angles and its keyhole bridge join together to produce a completely fresh design. The various different shapes and colours interacting here make the design rest somewhere between modern and vintage aesthetics — something Fendi achieves with many of its sunglass designs.

Be You Geo Round Sunglasses

Fendi’s Be You Geo round sunglasses (topbottom)

The Be You Geo Round sunglasses from Fendi don’t quite qualify as full “geometric” sunglasses. However, they have “Geo” in their name and they have such a close relation to the Facets Geometric sunglasses discussed directly above that we wanted to discuss them in this blog post. Comparing the Be You Rounds to the Facets Geometrics, you’ll notice so many of the same design elements. However, the Be You Rounds have softened pretty much all of the angles, creating something smoother and a little more vintage. If you love Fendi but aren’t sure about some of the harder-angled geometric sunglasses on this list, perhaps the Be You Round Geo sunglasses are more your style!


That’s all we have time for in this Fendi geometric sunglasses guide. We hope you’ve found it interesting and that you’re half as impressed with Fendi as we are. Fendi has some absolutely incredible sunglasses and we’re especially pleased with their geometric designs. However, if the geometric look isn’t for you, Fendi has a huge cateye sunglasses collection that might appeal more. If you have any questions about the models discussed in this guide, or in our wider designer sunglasses collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.