Summer 2018 Guide to Pride

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Pride Month 2018 is just coming to and end and there have been some amazing events across the world to celebrate. Pride is an event like no other, with that iconic rainbow flag spreading love across the globe. It doesn’t stop after Pride Month, as each city hosts their own Pride day that fills the streets and bars and celebrates all things LGBTQ.

Every year in June, the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world. June was chosen because it’s this time in 1969 when the Stonewall Riots took place. The gay community suffered unimaginable discrimination against their fellow citizens and the police. Raids were taken out on gay bars and gay meeting places by the police and the gay community felt harassed and frightened. The final straw were the Stonewall Riots that took place early in the morning at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. It led to many riots and demonstrations protesting the discrimination and calling for the establishment of places where people could be open about their sexual orientation. The riots served as a catalyst for so many gay rights movements and establishments of organisations, and most importantly, PRIDE.

Nearly all major cities host Pride, but there’s a few places that stand out for celebrating love, inclusion and diversity.  Some of the Pride’s we’ve chosen last weeks or more, but we’ve selected the date of their main parade because it should never be missed!

São Paulo Pride – 3rd June

Unfortunately, São Paulo Pride 2018 has already passed, but as it’s the biggest Pride in the world we had to mention it and possibly tempt you to attend next year’s. Over 3 million people attend this colourful Pride – Brazilians know how to party. Pictures from the parade were making headlines across the world because of the vibrancy and sheer mass of people spilling onto the streets. The parade is very carnival in character, with theatre, dancing and copious amounts of fancy dress.

New York City Pride – 24th June

NYC Pride Instagram
NYC Pride Instagram

This is the city where it all began and the history of the movement is essential to celebrations. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots so the event was HUGE! You could pay tribute to the early days of Pride, and then party the night away in one of the world’s liveliest cities. There was conferences, garden parties, family movie nights, a huge festival, roof parties, and The March – an annual civil rights demonstration since 1970.  Over the years, the march’s purpose has broadened to include recognition of the fight against AIDS and to remember those lost to illness, violence and neglect. The 2018 route was changed because of the gigantic numbers expected due to this year being an anniversary. If you made 2018 NYC Pride, tell us all about it in the comments section below, but if you missed it then be sure to head to NYC for it next year because it’s unforgettable.

London Pride – 7th July

Pride ascends on the major landmarks of London every year, from Covent Garden to Hyde Park. The gigantic parade, with tens of thousands of people in incredible costumes, march and dance across the city to Soho – the gay hub of London. As well as the march, there’s set to be film festivals, pizza parties, conferences, drag shows, concerts, theatre, and even outdoor fitness bootcamps. London pride has everything and it was also voted a top LGBTQ city for dating by Air Bnb this year, with the highest per capita usage of LGBTQ Tinder profiles worldwide. Plus, London nightlife never stops, and during Pride it’s as lively and spirited as ever.

Madrid – 7th July

Madrid Pride is always one of the biggest in Europe, drawing over 1.5 million people there every year. Around the gay neighbourhood Chuece, and the very centre of the city, there are set to be open air concerts, 6 performing stages, parties, art, culture, sports and endless partying into the early hours. The celebrations last a week but the climax is the Pride parade on the 7th July, starting at Atocha Station and ending in Plaza de Colón. There will be colourful and ginormous floats from different companies, associations and political parties and there will be music and costumes like you’ve never seen.

Berlin – 28th July

Berlin Pride Instagram

Known in German as CSD (Christopher Street Day), Berlin Pride is particularly special because of the rich gay culture present in Berlin all year round. The city has several districts, each with its own unique character and all of them are gay friendly. Anyone who’s been out in Berlin before knows the gay scene is huge, lively and completely enchanting. The spirit of warmth and freedom of expression is why so many people fall in love with Berlin. For Pride there will be film screenings, boat parties, street parties, political talks, DJs, and the parade that leaves at 12pm from Kurfürstendamm and finishes at 2pm Brandenburger Tor. The final rally takes place in a riot of colour and energy in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate.


Amsterdam Pride – 4th August

Amsterdam’s iconic waterways throughout the city makes their Pride a unique event as they host a ginormous Canal Parade. This year the parade will pay particular attention to human rights. Boats of, among others, Amnesty International, Greenpeace and the College of Human Rights were proclaimed this year by the organization as “Pearls of the Parade.” There will also be a Pride Park event in Vondelpark with an open air theatre, a market, loads of sports and games. As well as this, like all Pride’s political speakers and activists will deliver talks, there will be lots of music, fancy dress, street parties and special club nights.

Brighton – 4th August

Pride Dog Show Brighton Instagram
Pride Dog Show Brighton Instagram

Brighton is the gay capital of England, and it hosts the most vibrant and flamboyant Pride in the UK. The event lasts all weekend and there’s games, art exhibitions, performances, different tents and diversity areas, and there’s even a dog show! The parade sees over 300,000 people spill out onto the streets in a huge singing and dancing carnival that marches all the way along the seafront to the festival site.

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