Suicide Squad – Spoiler Free

Justice has a bad side. That’s right folks, the Suicide Squad is finally here. ..finally…but has it been worth the wait and the hype, or are the reviews so far spot on?


Right, well first things first. Ignore the critics. Yet again the critics don’t quite get the whole comic book thing, I guess they expect it to be an oscar winning movie when really it’s just an action film that you don’t have to think about and you can just lose yourself in. Suicide Squad was funny and has plenty of action. No it’s not the greatest film ever but it is by no way the worst.


If you don’t know the story then in brief, it’s the world’s most dangerous criminals and meta-humans brought together by the government to fight the battles against the big guns with super powers. If they succeed then the world is safe, if they die then it is no great loss, they are quite literally a Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad  photo
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This is a Will Smith movie, which is not a bad thing, he plays a good part as Deadshot, a hitman with a heart. Margot Robbie’s Harley is great, she plays the part well, sassy, sexy and very very crazy.


Jared Leto had big boots to fill, considering how many great actors have played the character so well previously, but was he going to pull a Heath and surprise us all? To be blunt…no. He is awful, and really is a terrible version of the Joker, the only good part of his performance was his laugh.


You do see Ben Affleck in the trailers but don’t expect him to be in it much, he is just one of the few cameos in the movie. As with most superhero movies there is a little extra in the middle of the credits, but only in the middle, you don’t have to stay right till the very end.


All in all this is a fun enjoyable movie that you don’t have to think about, the plot isn’t complicated like some past DC movies, there’s plenty of action, some great effects and set pieces and lots of humour from a great cast.

It is not the terrible movie it is being made out to be, so give it a go and let us know your thoughts in the comments, just remember though…no spoilers

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