Style Guide: Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for your Round Face

Choosing sunglasses can be a troubling task which is why here at B Sunglasses we’ve created a Style Guide so you don’t end up looking like Deidre Barlow.

If you have a round face it can be quite a challenge finding a cool pair of sunglasses to match your circular proportions. Yet we at B Sunglasses accept this challenge with enthusiasm as we have just the designer frames for you.

Circular face shapes tend to be of equal length and width with soft curves and almost no angles. Beauties such as Christina Ricci, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all fellow round faced lovelies whilst Gerard Butler, Kanye West, Usher and Jack Black fly the flag for round faced fellas.

DO: Go for wider frames with squared shapes to give cheekbones a little definition whilst angles on the brow elongate the temples. High temples and brow bar detail will also add length and give a slimming effect.

A Ray Ban square Navigator Aviator should go down a treat for guys whilst ladies can go for Gucci Square Temple Print sunglasses with a slight oversize feel.  Ladies should also choose a shape that follows the line of the brow rather than allowing their eyebrows to peep over. A slight flared cateye will also add extra width to balance out your face as will anything in a slightly larger lens size.

DON’T: Opt for anything narrow or smaller fitting. The roundness will only accentuate the roundness of the cheeks. Severe shapes will also over-power delicate facial features whilst coloured frames are also a no-go. Try to stick to larger design that create  a defined silhouette. Darker coloured frames will also add a slimming effect to the face so perhaps go for something with a darker hue on the arms.