Style Guide: Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for your Oval Face

Choosing designer sunglasses, let alone anything is hard these days. Especially when you have so many choices. Yet we at B Sunglasses are dishing out the Personal Stylist treatment by presenting you with a guide to choosing the best sunglasses for your face.

If you have an oval face shape – well done. You have the most versatile face shape which suits almost every style of sunglasses. You should thank your genes, if not going as far to actually physically congratulate your parents for giving you a perfectly proportioned mush. You can tell if you have an oval face shape if your face width is 1/3 less in size than the length. Notable oval-faces include Beyonce, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Tinie Tempah, Rihanna, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The key to buying sunglasses is to choose something that suits your style and with an oval face you have plenty of options.

DO:  Try to keep your enviable facial proportions balanced by choosing frames which are wider than the broadest part of your face. Ray-Ban® sunglasses are a good place to start as they are unisex, classic, versatile and come in a range of different colours. Our limited edition Ice-Pop Wayfarers come in six soft pastel shades, perfect for the summer.

Ladies can experiment with many of the new and exciting shapes available. Extroverts may want to go for round or geometric designs such as these Celine Preppy sunglasses in Havana for an on-trend ‘90s feel or opt for the sleek geometric Miu Miu Metal Mix Cateye  sunglasses which have been sported by everyone from Miranda Kerr to Rita Ora. Oversize sunglasses and butterfly styles are ultra-glamorous whilst a feline Cateye sunglasses frames will give a retro feel. Bold square shapes on the other hand such as these Prada Baroque Round shades or Stella McCartney Oversize Square sunglasses will give a tougher and edgier contemporary look.

Men meanwhile might want to opt for rounder frames or square sportier styles such as these Oakley Holbrook’s, Persol Roadster’s or traditional Tom Ford sunglasses.

Don’t Be afraid to experiment. Oval faces shouldn’t be afraid to try out other colours and patterns. A classic black, a Havana tortoiseshell or polished wire frames in gold and silver suit all whereas translucent pastel shades and neutral hues are best for fair skinned fashion-lovers. Darker, olive-toned skin types can go for bold shades with thicker frames, heavier detail and kooky patterns.

Softer shapes will compliment both prominent and petite features whilst bolder, angular more defined shapes can accentuate cheekbones.