Stone Island Sunglasses Fan – Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey first shot to fame with Alan Bennett’s 2004 production of The History Boys, in spite of having worked tirelessly in show business 10 years beforehand. After a successful stint treading the boards he went on to play countless much loved character roles in series such as Being Human and Him & Her.

He has often commented on how his role in Him & Her, captured the real-life Tovey the most accurately. The series shows an intimate portrayal of a young twenty-something couple in their lazy, messy everyday reality. Naturally it’s mostly filmed in a filthy bedroom.

His blokishness has allowed him to create a unique relaxed style. Going for casual designers such as Stone Island, which creates a self assured look and portrays the kind of guy that’s good banter down the pub. However, this hasn’t always sat well with his open homosexuality, describing the difficulty in avoiding being typecast into gay roles. In spite of this he has showed his impressive self-confidence in waiting for roles that best suit his talents, stating he wants a career

like Julie Walters has had, just as a bloke!