Star Wars – The Force Awakens Release

With the release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens last night and a long 10 year wait for Star Wars fan’s, the hype over the movie has been incredible.

The Force Awakens has already broken pre-sale records across the pond in the US, and rumour has it, it could be the biggest Star Wars film ever made as well as being the best-selling film of 2015!  Last night thousands of excited fans, including our own Warehouse manager Matt piled into cinema’s across the country at approximately 12:01am to see what excellence J.J. Abrams had come up with.


From Darth Vader himself to numerous Stormtroopers, our local Cineworld cinema went all out to get everyone into the Star Wars spirit, a whole host of our favourite Star Wars characters were there to greet fans on arrival.  Lucky for us Matt managed to get a few snaps of the characters before enjoying his Star Wars experience.


With the original trilogy finishing in 1983 with “Return of the Jedi”, fans have had a long time to wait to see what J.J Abrams was going to bring to the screens for “Episode Four” or for some maybe “Episode 6” as The Force Awakens makes you forget about the redundancy of the prequel-trilogy that came 15 years later. There aren’t any mixed reviews as of yet, all simply praising super fan Abram’s of his excellent work. This could change after crowds continue to attend the cinema to give their opinions on this very popular film choice!


The original movies have all brought a sense of personal and family dysfunction , all are definitely re-born in this one! Along with the distinctively classic Star Wars landscapes from galaxies to shadowy forests and of course vast rippling deserts, Abram’s included it all with no faults. The Force Awakens is “ridiculous” and “melodramatic” and extremely “sentimental” to some, but it is also exciting and full of energy. For some this will be their best Christmas present!


It’s wouldn’t quite be a B Sunglasses blog if we didn’t persuade a Stormtrooper to hold some of our RayBan’s. It’s a shame they didn’t fit on his head, we’re pretty sure they would of looked great.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments below.