Star Style | Rihanna

Everyone knows that Rihanna is one Rude Girl to be reckoned with and her new video proves that this is a reputation she is quite comfortable accepting.

Since her debut in 2005, Rihanna has transformed from a fresh faced teen peddling out R’n’B dancehall tunes to a sexed-up bad girl and the reigning Queen of Cool.

A fashion chameleon with ever-changing hairstyles, Rihanna shocked us especially with the video for ‘Pour It Up’;  a slow-beat hip hop track with an incredibly explicit flooded bathroom-come-strip club setting. Think twerking, pole dancers and a weird diamante bra thing that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and you have Rihanna outdoing Miley Cyrus in almost every way possible. In fact, Youtube channel Vevo had to take it down within 10 minutes after fans complained.

However, one thing in Rihanna’s career is consistent; besides the controversy. Her sunglasses!

In the video we see Rihanna sporting a blonde wig and oversized black and gold shades. Her years in the spotlight have led us to notice that Rihanna is a huge fan of Versace sunglasses, Tom Ford Nastasya Cateyes and her trusty pair of Original Black Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Which is your favourite Rihanna look? Comment and let us know.