Why the Sportswear Trend Returns Every Season

Over the recent years sportswear has muscled its way into the high fashion scene and it’s only growing in popularity. The transformation from wearing yoga pants to brunch, to runway models donning sexy tracksuits and sports sunnies, happened almost overnight. This season, collections from our favourite designers are dominated by sportswear again and we want to know why.

At one time, activewear was omitted from high-fashion, with the exception of upmarket skiwear or polo country club vibes. The past few years though, huge designers like Versace, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang have centred their collections on sports style. What was once decidedly unglam, is now the chosen style for our high-fashion icons. Racer tanks, neon leggings, heeled trainers, mesh tops, glitzy tracksuits, sports curve sunglasses and other sports luxe garments dominate fashion weeks.

Gucci Instagram, Logo tracksuit

In particular, this season has seen the rise of a marmite-esque trend of bicycle shorts. Trendsetters like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Katy Perry are introducing cycling shorts into their everyday style. On the other hand, some people hate the new cycling shorts craze with a passion. But, paired with a baggy shirt, or a sleek bomber jacket and heels, they can offer a flattering, figure hugging, and effortlessly cool look. Not only are they hugely comfy, but cycling shorts are practical. You can show off your toned legs without having to wear a dress that might be blowing up all day. You can sit comfortably anywhere, because who are we kidding its 2018 and no one expects you to be seated like a “lady” 24/7. We know, cycling shorts -like marmite- aren’t everyone’s thing, but did you know that Princess Diana was an avid cycling short wearer. Perhaps, learning royalty wears this look will change your mind.

Only this week, Gucci released their latest campaign video inspired by “the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Hollywood.” Actress Faye Dunaway was its star, and she plays the mother of French actress Soko, living the high life. She’s driven round by a chauffeur, shops on Rodeo drive, lounges by the pool, and plays tennis with her daughter. Both women don a glamorous Gucci tracksuit and oversized sunnies. At 77, Faye Dunaway proves that sportswear chic is for any one, any age. The press release said the duo were living a life of “luxurious leisure,” and that’s why Gucci sportswear is suited to them.

This ideal of luxurious leisure, in less obvious ways than in the campaign, is prominent in modern society. We yoga, pilates, or beach boot camp in the morning, before joining friends for shopping or prosecco brunch. Cycling to dinner and late-night drinks has become a norm. And, squeezing in an hour of cardio between errands means we often spend all day in our gym gear. One of the reasons sportswear is growing and growing is because it fits modern lifestyles. It suits the contemporary ways we meet our friends, and arrange our busy schedules.

Another big push behind the activewear trend is not only comfort, but also that sportswear is effortlessly sexy. High-waisted gym leggings, or training tops that hug the bicep, are completely flattering and therefore give us confidence. For the past decade, strong has been the new sexy and we’re embracing it with sportswear. Models look fierce strutting the runway in vibrant trainers and retro trackies. Prada’s new collections are defined by bold and athletic sexiness, with neon sunglasses and bright waterproof pullovers, paired with heels in their runway shows. Racy lingerie is being pushed out by soft cotton sports bras and briefs. In particular, Calvin Klein’s underwear for women has never been so popular. Out are the days of women in floral dresses or mini skirts, and men in tailored suits and ties. The modern style is both sexy and practical, stylish and comfortable, and we love it.

Slick Woods sports sunglasses Instagram.

In the past few months, sports sunglasses have joined the rest of activewear on the high fashion scene. Prada, Heron Preston, and Kenzo all included sports sunnies in their latest collections. Plus, Slick Woods, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna have all been seen with sporty frames this year. Here’s some top picks from our site…

Constellation Visor Sunglasses in Gunmetal Grey Gradient
Constellation Visor Sunglasses in Gunmetal Grey Gradient by Prada Sport

Bold urban visor sunglasses by Prada Sport.

V Wire Square Sunglasses in Matte Black Red Multilayer
V Wire Square Sunglasses in Matte Black Red Multilayer by Versace

Fiery red mirror frames by Versace.

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