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2016 has seen some big blockbusters hit our screens, but none are as eagerly awaited as Rogue One – A Star wars Story. This is the first of an expected trilogy of standalone films set in the Star Wars universe, but will it be a dudd like the prequels or will this be the best one yet?


Well without giving anything away, WOW!!! I could really just end the blog now as I don’t think I need to say any more. But I won’t…end the blog there that is. The story is great, this is the story of how Princess Leia got the plans for the Death Star that you see at the very beginning of the first Star Wars movie, Episode VIII – A New Hope. This fills in some of the gaps between the end of Revenge of the Sith and the beginning of A New Hope and I have to say, they have done a great job.


The main character as you all know by now, is another female lead, following on from Daisy Ridley’s Rey in last year’s The Force Awakens. This time the starring role goes to Felicity Jones who plays Jyn Erso, someone who gets involved with helping the Rebellion, along with a rag tag group, as they try and steal the plans to the Empires new Super Weapon…The Death star.


One bad guy that is back is the iconic villain Darth Vader, a surprise addition to the movie and definitely a welcome one. James Earl Jones reprises his role as the voice of the Sith Lord, though this time the actor under the mask is Spencer Wilding, who is a lovely guy I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. Best known for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Victor Frankenstein and more, he now gets to don the most iconic costumes ever. I won’t give anything away, but the one thing I will say is this Darth Vader is bad ass!


Alan Tudyk steals the film with his portrayal of K-2SO. I won’t give anything away so don’t worry, but I’m sure you will agree with me once you have seen it.


The effects are fantastic; the fight scenes are out of this world, literally, they really have went all out with this. This time around it was not scored by John Williams, though Michael Giacchino does give a few nods to Williams’ themes from previous Star Wars soundtracks in Rogue One, which is a nice touch. In fact there are lots of nods and little touches that will please fans of the original movies, let’s see how many you can spot throughout the movie.


So I think it is safe to say, the first standalone film is a hit! Not just at the box office, which we know it would be even if the film was poor, but this is the Star wars movie we have all been waiting for, in fact I will go on record as saying it is much better than last years The Force Awakens, so what are you waiting for, get your tickets now and go and see Rogue One, you will not be disappointed!


Images courtesy of Cineworld and NE Online Magazine.

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