Where to see the Northern Lights

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The Northern Lights are a display of nature’s astonishing splendour. To see the sky filled with the vibrant colours of the Aurora Borealis is a dream of many travellers. This being said, tracking them down isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, The Northern Lights are as elusive as they are magnificent.

January is peak season for Northern Lights viewing so fly off to a hot spot and spend a holiday tracking them down. The dancing lights are caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. An array of green, pink and other colours transform the sky into a breath-taking stage of immense beauty. A variety of apps are available that send notifications to your phone when the sky is awash with colour. This being said, it may be at unsociable hours so have your slippers and parka ready by the door to run out and catch a glimpse of them.


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Iceland is lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights across the whole country. The country is a unique and exciting landscape filled with volcanoes, thermal lagoons, glaciers, waterfalls, black beaches and peaceful, detached surroundings. In high activity, you can spot the Northern Lights from the very centre of Reykjavik, its capital. But the best views are from the places with less light pollution. The ring road stretches to every corner of Iceland, so hire a car and chase the dancing lights across the country. The most stunning vision of the lights is at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in the south. The iceberg-filled lagoon reflects the vibrant hues making the sight even more spectacular.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort photo
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Finland is another country graced often by the Aurora Borealis. In the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort you can enjoy the unique experience of gazing at the lights from your own glass igloo. Watching the night sky fill with colour from the comfort of your own bed, with a glass or wine or a mug of hot chocolate in hand is truly unbeatable. The area offer snow adventures in abundance. Reindeer safari, cross-country skiing, dog-sledding and exploring the Urho National Park can fill your days before you snuggle in at night ready for the lights.


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Northern Sweden is wild, vast and often charmed by the Northern Lights. The Kiruna region is Sweden’s most northern town, offers the mountainous Absiko National Park, beautiful reindeer and the local Sami Culture to explore. In the village of the Jukkasjarvi lies the country’s first ice hotel and this is a hub of North Lights activity. Take one of the night flight tours to experience the lights close from a unique vantage point. On nights of low activity, visit the Esrange Space Centre where you can admire Sweden’s sparkling, starry skies.


aurora village yellowknife photo
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With the right conditions, you’re really likely to see the Northern Lights at their finest in Canada. It’s a vast country so identify the current prime viewing spots on the apps or online first. A favourite spot if in the surroundings of the city of Yellowknife. Only a short drive away lies the famous Aurora Village, a tepee campground with specially design, heated viewing chairs and guides offering information in different languages on the lights. Stay toasty with your heated seat in completely natural surroundings. In the day, snow mobile through the stunning landscape for some adventure, that is, if you can manage to pull yourself away from your new toasty chair.


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The northern town of Tromso in Norway is home to the world’s most northerly university, brewery, and planetarium. Its location makes it one of the best places to view the shimmering lights whilst also enjoying a hub of culture and activity. The town offers a voyage on the Norwegian Coastal Steamer Hurtigruten to see the lights along a fjord. From October to March, an Astronomy Voyage runs following the Aurora Borealis with astronomers on board. After you’ve returned to land you can also visit the Northern Lights Planetarium to learn all about the natural phenomenon.


scotland northern lights photo
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Surprisingly, the Northern Lights can even be spotted in Scotland. At some points the northern coast of Caithness have been the best places to see them. The Shetland archipelago is another hot spot. High areas like Glenshee get snow cover, creating the whole winter wonderland setting for enjoying the Aurora Borealis. However, if you’re really lucky you may only need to be in the surrounding areas of Edinburgh for a view of the dancing lights. This is rare though so don’t pin on your hopes on viewing the lights on a Scotland holiday. Enjoy the two main cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, bustling with a lively and enchanting culture. Or perhaps, enjoy winter adventures in the national parks and the highlands.

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