School’s Out | How To Entertain Your Kids on a Budget

The summer holidays are here and whilst there are tonnes of great things you can do with your kids’ this summer, sometimes day trips can get a little pricey and the weather can be rather temperamental. To combat all those rainy days and keep your kids’ occupied in the house, we’ve rounded up a few cool things you can do with your little ones to ensure maximum fun during the their summer break…. 

During the summer holidays, you’d be hard pushed to find a parent or a babysitter who isn’t petrified at the thought of having to find something to keep their kids occupied for a whole six weeks. That’s SIX whole weeks to make playing at home seem as fun and stimulating as school. Yet have no fear, even if you can’t get out of the house, even if the weather is terrible and even if you’re saving your pennies, you can still do fun activities at home which won’t cost you much but a potential bit of mess in your kitchen. Here’s our guide to keeping your little monsters, of any age, smiling until school-time.

Make Lego Jelly


Kids love Lego. Kids also love jelly. Why not merge the best of both worlds’ with this super fun recipe to make Lego jelly that’s fun to make, play with and eat. Perfect for parties or even a lazy afternoon, these squishy edible building blocks are full of colour and flavour. All you will need is a standard recipe for jelly; many of the ingredients for which you will find at hand in your cupboard and some Lego jelly moulds. These can be ordered from Amazon for just under two pounds or from the actual Lego site and the best part is that they double up as ice-cube trays should you want to build some serious shapes into your drinks too! You can find the recipe HERE but there’s also a a pretty good video explaining each step made by Grant Thompson – The King Of Random!

Go Glamping

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden then one of the ways to inject a little adventure into your child’s week is to set up a camp site for them to get an experience of the great outdoors. We’re not sure about you, but kids literally think camping is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will love this idea of a mini-holiday in the comfort of their back garden (or if you’re not quite brave enough, in the living room). You can even keep an eye on them but still read the newspaper in peace! Children’s tents are pretty cheap but if it’s a dry summer evening you can also make a tee-pee out of a few household blankets; after all, imagination is key! Then set up some outdoor lighting, some cushions and duvets and go to work on creating a few comforting snacks for your kids to enjoy. The traditional S’mores and toasted marshmallows never go amiss! One task that will keep your kids engaged for hours is a treasure hunt or orienteering game around the garden. Why not set up a white sheet with a projector and hold a mini-outdoor cinema experience for your child and their friends. Trust us, the extra mile you put in, the longer you can sit back and let them play!

Have fun with foam 


This one is so good we’ll guarantee you’ll want to join in. This recipe for rainbow soap suds is just as magical as it sounds. Using safe liquid water colouring and a little bit of dish soap, you can make a whole medley of soft pastel hued bubbles for your kids to play with. Of course, it’s a touch messy so best to be done in the bathroom or in a paddling pool outside. Your kids will have hours of fun touching and blowing the bubbles, mixing the colours and playing with their toys (car washing and boat sailing recommend) in the foamy peaks of their rainbow sea!

A Rainy Day Jar

The whining cries of ‘I’m booooooreeed’ are frequent during the school holidays and naturally, as authorized parent and guardian, your kids are relying on you to come up with a cure for that boredom. That’s where the patented ‘Rainy Day’ jar comes into play. Every time the words’ ‘I’m bored’ form in their mouths, simply whip out the jar which will be filled with tasks, movies, board games and the odd chore (they’ll be sorry they ever asked!) for your child to do so they never run out of ideas! Help your child write these on pieces of card or lolly sticks to make creating the ‘Rainy Day’ jar a task within its’ self.

Make Rainbow Playdough

Playdough can be pretty pricey despite being a versatile  toy for little ones. However, making your own dough is fast becoming a great Pinterest solution and this foamy rainbow version is certainly interesting to make and will provide hours of contentment. However, be warned. This stuff in MESSY. The main ingredients in this rainbow recipe are shaving cream and cornstarch however this version incorporates coloured water paint to give this dough vibrant rainbow hues. Fluffy, puffy and a little bit marshmallowey, this dough doesn’t have the same consistency as traditional playdough which is used for crafting and building, but its’ squishy texture is great for a sensory playtime and if you’re feeling really adventurous you can even add a little bit of non-toxic glitter for a properly magical feel.

Go to Jurassic Park… Sort Of

Don’t worry, no one is going to get eaten here. Jurassic Park was the film for kids of the ’90s but the latest installment Jurassic World is causing a buzz throughout all generations. If you can’t get your kids’ to the cinema this season create their very own little ‘Jurassic World’ in the garden with these easy-to-make fossilized dinosaur eggs. A cheap packet of toy dinosaurs inside a few balloons filled with water (and optional food colouring) is all you’ll need before freezing the ‘eggs’ overnight. The next day is where the fun begins with a little bit of adult supervision of course, as your kids get to smash and bash their way through the eggs. Safety goggles are highly recommended for this particular game however there are plenty of similar tasks HERE and HERE  which don’t require a hammer that your kids can participate to nurture their inner paleontologist.

 Plant Something

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get your kids outdoors and active in the garden rather than playing computer games or watching TV. Why not encourage them to learn by teaching them how to plant and grow flowers, trees or vegetables. That way, your garden gets and overhaul and you child gets to get messy in the mud by digging, burying and watering a plant of their choice. You can even make little signs out of spoons or dowel telling them where and what each plant is so they can see the results of  their care and work throughout autumn, winter and spring.

Start Baking

Choose something fairly simple and get your child involved with the baking whether it be brownies, bread, a Victoria sponge, muffins, cookies or sugar biscuits. Try to encourage them to get involved with every aspect including the weighing, measuring, stirring and of, course licking the bowl! Of course the decorating is the real fun part so stock up on hundreds and thousands, fruit, coloured icing and sprinkles! Why not start with these super easy marshmallow pops?

Which of these will you be trying?
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