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Saint Laurent’s avant-garde approach to fashion transformed the industry completely over the 20th Century. Glasses by Saint Laurent are infused with this unique modernity. Each pair is utterly refined, staying true to the Parisian roots of the fashion house.

Yves Saint Laurent was boring in Oran, Algeria and from a young age he got lost in intricately designed paper dolls and dresses for his family. At 17, a new world of fashion was opened up to Saint Laurent when his mother took him to Paris to meet with Michel De Brunhoff, the director of French Vogue. Brunhoff was shown his drawings, and published several of them immediately, paving the way for a thriving career to begin. Saint Laurent attended fashion school and went on to work for Christian Dior fashion houses for years.

Following a disruptive period, when Saint Laurent was called for National Service, he came back stronger than ever and set up his own fashion house with Pierre Bergé. Masterpiece after masterpiece was created, and stars began to favour Saint Laurent in the fashion world. His famous designs were the reefer jacket, the sheer blouse, and the smoking suit. In 1983, Saint Laurent became the first living designer to receive a solo exhibition in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Saint Laurent’s message that “dressing is a way of life” remains a strong legacy today in the company after his passing. Yves Saint Laurent created 20th Century fashion, his contemporary design was always pushing style forward. He crossed gender lines in his designs, and worked to create a style for the modern woman. Sophistication, sexual freedom and diversity shine through in each collection. With Anthony Vaccarello now at the head as Creative Director for over a year, Saint Laurent continues to create that modern style, seemingly always a step ahead of everyone.

The range of Saint Laurent glasses emulate refined French style and sophistication.

SL M6 Glasses in Black and SL M5 Glasses in Black.

The SL M6 glasses stay true to their roots with a flat top squared flared frame in black with a blue inlay. They are complete with the iconic YSL logo in gold and are the ultimate sleek eyewear for winter.

Featuring in a rounder frame, the SL M5 glasses are simple yet bold. The large round frames feature in a classic black colour and are complete with the YSL logo feature on the temple in silver for an touch of character.

SL 50 Glasses in Black ,SL M6 Glasses in Black and SL 168 Glasses in Havana.

The brow frames designed by Saint Laurent create a statement effect on each pair of glasses. Set in classic colours, like black and Havana, the glasses are suitable for any outfit but are always bold in shape.

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