Exclusive: Will, Kate and His Royal Eye-ness

It’s finally happened; our favourite Royals, Prince William and Kate Middleton have given us an ultra-cute Heir to the throne!

A very royal announcement was made on Monday evening declaring that the glowing mother-to-be, K-Middy had given birth to a bouncing baby boy. We at B Sunglasses honestly haven’t seen this much excitement over a birth since Kimye delivered their directional-confused child North West last month but we figured that there’s many sleepless nights ahead for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge … and they might need a bit of a perk-up.

We’ve chosen the finest and most regal sunglasses fit for a King to help Duchess Kate through the early morning feeds, late night nappy changing and 24 hour tears and tantrums in the royal nursery. It can’t be easy being new parents in the spotlight so these gorgeous frames will help Will and Kate still look like royalty whilst they’re tiredly pushing the stroller through Buckingham Palace gardens…

Sunglasses fit for Royalty

1. Swarovski Carrie Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Beige

Every Prince and Princess should have their very own collection of crown jewels and these Swarovski Carrie Aviator Sunglasses in Beige are a stunning place to start. These simple elegant gold Aviators are given a sparkling touch with finely cut genuine Swarovski crystals along the temples. Kate’s always had a twinkle in her eye..

2. Prada Gold Aviator Sunglasses With Light Brown Lens 

Kate Middleton charmed a nation with her low-key simple feminine style. Not to mention her stylish younger sister Pippa!  However, these Prada sunglasses capture Kate’s understated look whilst injecting a little bit of luxury to with a ladylike square gold frame.

3. Tom Ford Nastasya Sunglasses Shiny Rose Gold

These daring retro Tom Ford cateye sunglasses give a bold look with polished rose gold frames and yellow lenses; perfect for yummy mummy’s with a rebellious streak. And let’s face it, the design will distract from the spit-up milk on your dress.

Any advice for the royal couple and their new bundle of joy?