RHS Festival Guide 2017 – 3 Alternative Festivals to attend this Summer

Festival season is here! So we’ve provided you with a brand new festival guide to the best alternative festivals in Europe. Grab your tent, your wellies, your beer, oh and your sunglasses of course and get ready to have the time of your life.

While the big blockbuster bonanzas are still popular across the world, with the likes of the all American Coachella and British classic Glastonbury still selling out within minutes, there is a definite shift in the style of many festivals this year. The music still takes centre stage, but there is a noticeable focus on the other unique activities available at festivals now. Our festival guide features a few incredibly different, and amazing festivals you should definitely be adding to your bucket list.

Obonjan Festival – Croatia

For example, Obonjan festival in Croatia has its very own island which boasts the complete island experience. While there is a vast selection of DJ’s and musicians playing over the season, Obonjan festival also serves as a relaxation retreat. The festival invites guests to unwind with yoga, watch cult classic and artistic movies and explore the beautiful tranquillity of the Croatian Island.

“Obonjan is the gateway to a world of inspiring, creative and enriching experiences.”

The way we see it; you go and watch your favourite DJ’s and have a good old party, then the following day or two is spent rejuvenating yourself on a gorgeous island and then repeat the process (sounds pretty perfect).

We would suggest taking these Levis Keyhole Square Sunglasses in Clear with you. Clear in body, clear in mind. Namaste.

Secret Solstice – Iceland

A festival like no other, Secret Solstice is 72 hours of never ending daylight. Unless you’re a hard-core festival goer I’d suggest taking an eye mask. Not only does the Icelandic festival offer an experience like no other, it also boasts a fantastic line-up of music acts. This year the festival will be headlined by the Foo Fighters, as well as featuring The Prodigy and rapper Rick Ross.
It doesn’t stop there…

“What do you get when you combine the second-largest glacier in Europe, with some incredible music, and a small group of people? You get Secret Solstice presents Into the Glacier, the only party on Earth inside the ice of a glacier.”

There is also a midnight sun boat party; as you know now the sun never sets at that time of year, but at the midnight boat party you will see it at its lowest point. It’s effectively the sun set that never actually finishes.

There’s a whole host of unbelievable venues for the musicians to play in such as the Lava tunnels, and the opportunity to go on excursions around the other-worldly Icelandic landscape. We would suggest taking these Moncler Altitude Sunglasses in Matte Black Polarised, because they’ll look awesome at that Glacier party.


Lost Village Festival – Lincolnshire (UK)

The only UK venue featured in our festival guide, The Lost Village Festival is kind of what is says on the tin. A “lost” village in the middle of the woods out in Lincolnshire, the festival is an awesome little hideaway and offers a much different experience than the vast planes of Glastonbury. The stages look absolutely incredible when they light up the forest at night, and the line-up includes some of the best DJ’s around as well as some legendary hip hop artists (De La Soul).

“Those on the outside will never understand”

What’s more, the festival also features a selection of the UK’s favourite comedy acts. We think this is a brilliant way to break up a lot of the music going on, particularly if you wake up feeling a bit worse for wear and need cheering up.
The benefits of going to Lost Village Festival don’t end there, though. The food on offer is absolutely incredible, not just your bog standard food vans. Proper, gourmet food is on offer to cure you of any festival hangover and perfect to sit down and chill out with your mates for a while.

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We hope you enjoyed our festival guide. Want to get ready for Festival season? Shop the latest collection of sunglasses now.