The Relationship between Fashion and Sportswear

Some would argue that it is a fairly new concept, but the integration of fashion and sportswear is one that has been dominating the catwalks for the past couple of years. Now the concept seems to be everywhere, and we like it.

We don’t really know where it started; maybe it’s the #gymlife sweeping the globe through Instagram, or the versatility of being able to wear something that looks good whilst also being breathable and ready to face the elements. The fashion world is constantly pushing to boundaries when it comes to the use of fabrics, and it seems that Lycra, ultra-breathable cotton and any other high performance, technical materials are becoming increasingly favourable.

Running shoes

People like to be able to wear something that they know is high performing, that is more than just a t-shirt, more than simply a fashion statement. You just have to look at the boom in sales that Adidas have been experiencing through their highly sought after “ultra-boost” trainers to realise the prominence of sportswear in fashion at the moment. Mixing fashion and sportswear, the trainers will be seen more often than not at fashion shows, high street shops and beach walks than they will at gyms, but are just as at home in both.


This has been really big the past year or so in fashion. The tracksuit has long been a uniform for two types of people; athletes and chavs. Ok I admit the last one is a generalisation and somewhat hypocritical as I love nothing more than being a slob in my tracksuit. But slobs rejoice! As it is now fashionable, as long as it’s done right. High fashion brands like Gucci and Vetements are mixing fashion and sportswear producing some really nice tracksuits. Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian have both proven how to pull this look off, and it can look great as part of a more formal outfit as well as out for a spot of lunch.

Check out these Gucci Urban Wayfarers, we think they’d be perfect with a Gucci tracksuit or something similar.

Sport Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses have been cropping up more and more on the faces of some of the best up and coming rappers, as well as some big names in fashion. Not to mention the famous names you would associate with active lives (Bear Grylls springs to mind) flying the flag for the sport sunglasses. No longer are they for the “Tough Mudders” or the performance cyclists, they can look awesome when paired off with a fashionable outfit. This is a prime example of how to mix fashion and sportswear. Oakley is a great brand to try this with because they have a long history of combining science with art (check our other blog) and create sport sunglasses that are both extremely well made and high performing, but also have a firm grasp of what is in fashion, and what can be worn in a casual way as well as during exercise.

Try these Animal Charge Square Wrap sunglasses