B Sunglasses Tech: Google Glass

It’s not just sunglasses that our B Sunglasses Team are interested in. Thanks to the latest gadgets and Apps B Sunglasses have managed to expand across social media and the web.

Quite frankly, we would be nowhere without technology! Here our IT Manager Joe Davies tells us about his favourite new tech gadget Google Glass.

As technology improves and shrinks in size from year to year we are seeing an uplift in Star Trek like gadgets appearing all over the place both in development and usage. Some are even being used already which means that in the last few years AR or Augmented Reality devices have made the transition from fiction to real.

My favourite AR gadget currently is Google Glass. Basically Google glass is a HUD or Heads Up Display built onto a glasses frame with a camera, microphone and touch-pad which allows you to take pictures or videos, search the internet and translate all while you’re on the go. It also connects to a mobile phone which then can display messages on the HUD!

Imagine you’re on holiday you’re lost, hungry and need to speak to your friends at the villa you’re staying at. However when you’re wearing Google Glass your HUD display shows you exactly where to go by laying out a path superimposed over the landscape. You can  do a search for nearest café and it will navigate you there. You can hook up to the Wi-Fi in the café then make an internet video conference call to your friends who will then look through your glasses and tell you exactly how to get back. Welcome to Star Trek, today…

Currently the glasses are being tested by the glass explorer program but are expected to hit consumer status early 2014 with an estimated price tag of $300-$500, I know I’ll be getting them how about you?

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