B Sunglasses supports Movember

Over the past few years, you might have heard of a little campaign called Movember. Encouraging all with the abilities to grow their moustaches throughout the month of November for charity,  this year B Sunglasses are getting involved with the campaign to raise awareness for men’s health by donating.



There’s a good chance that the men around your office, your University campus or down the pub are starting to look a little fuzzier than usual. The highly successful Movember campaign kicked off this month for the 10th year running and whether yours is a full Tom Selleck job or a stick on ‘stache anyone can get involved with this brilliant and unique campaign which aims to raise awareness for men’s health.

Founded in 2004, The Movember Foundation was born from an idea coined by friends Travis Garone and Luke Slatterley from Melbourne, Australia. Over a beer the pair were discussing how the moustache had fell out of fashion in recent years and came up with the novel idea of growing a Mo for charity. Taking inspiration for their campaign format from a friends’ mum who at the time was raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness, they challenged 30 men (Known thus as ‘Mo Bros’) to take part with the agreement to charge  a sponsor fee of $10 for each Mo grown.  This simple campaign would raise awareness and funds for men’s mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer and the Mo itself would get people talking about their cause. The pair created a set of rules (the very same used today) which added a fun edge to what was a serious issue and soon enough Adam Garone registered the company to make the campaign official.

Movember became one  the most successful viral campaigns in its’ native Australia before spreading worldwide to the UK, Europe and the USA and now the Movember Foundation has raised as much as £346 million in total in its’ ten year run. The idea is to encourage people to talk about men’s health issues in a way that has never been done before.

According to statistics from 2011 listed on the Movember Foundation website, over 2,200 men were  diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK alone whilst  1 in 8 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Depression and anxiety as well as other mental health issues in the male population also have a higher fatality rate than women with 75% of the 6,045 suicides a year being committed by men.

The Movember Foundation realise that these often painful, embarrassing and complicated problems can be difficult for men to discuss with their friends, family and even medical experts due to the extremely private and personal nature of their symptoms.This difficulty is what sometimes costs these people their lives as they fail to report serious symptoms of illness and neglect to discuss their feelings when they are in dire need of support.

Movember breaks those taboos in attempt to tackle the health problems that thousands of men worldwide face each day with a light-hearted approach that takes the fear out of these issues and welcomes in support from the outside.

This year B Sunglasses decided to contribute to the cause by donating this November to the Movember campaign. This means that our donation will go towards helping people talk about these issues more openly and potentially saving lives in the process.

The total amount we raise will be donated directly to The Movember Foundation on behalf of B Sunglasses 2014 Ltd .

After all, sunglasses and a mustache can’t be such a bad look!

Want to know more about Men’s Health?

Visit the Movember Foundation website to read up on vital statistics, advice and information regarding Mental Health, Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer as we well as Health Tips.

Want to become involved and donate? 

Sign up HERE

 Information sourced from www.movember.com