B Sunglasses | Festival Survival Guide 2014

Festival Season has returned in full swing and whether you’re headed abroad or staying local; there’s some fabulous festivals for you to check out all across the globe. But what would a festival be without some helpful tips and supplies…

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What you should bring:

Festivals are not best known for their amenities so make sure you pack all the essentials whilst also travelling light.

You’ll need one of these if you have any plans to sleep for this whole thing. If not, then perhaps you might not wake up where you fell asleep!

Sleeping Bag
Important for comfort and staying warm through the night. Never underestimate the joys of a snuggly sleeping bag when you’re hungover and chilly. A sleeper mat or blow-up air-bed will maximize that comfort tenfold.

If you’re driving to your festival, a cooler will be your safe haven of snacks. Be sure to include food that won’t perish easily and include plenty of fluids to keep hydrated  Drinks on-site can be expensive but you’ll also need a water supply for when they weather heats up.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Bathroom facilities are in shortage at festivals so make sure that if you don’t manage to get to a shower or sink, anti-bacterial hand gel will be your best friend.

Face Wipes or Baby Wipes
Not only are these compact cleaners good for keeping fresh-faced and overcoming sticky fingers; they will save your life when battling the portaloos.

Hip Flask
A portable tipple that’s easy to fit into your pocket or mini-bag

A sturdy and roomy backpack will ensure that you can take everything you need comfortably and safely. They don’t have to be boring either; choose a bright colour or pattern so you can use it again and again. Just remember to take it off before heading into the crowds.

Hydrating Drinks or Additives
Sweating in the midst of a crowd in intense summer heat – especially when drinking alcohol – can seriously dehydrate you leading you to become dizzy, unwell and exhausted. Stay fresh and replenished with a super hydrating drink such as coconut water (which contains natural electrolytes and potassium) or an oral re-hydrate sports sachet to put in your drink.

Should be at the top of the list for endless reasons! They look cool, they keep your eyes protected, they hide your hangover and they’re always on trend!

Unsurprisingly, spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer can lead to a nasty sunburn! Be prepared and slap on some Factor 15 (or 50 if you’re sensitive!) to keep your skin protected.

You won’t regret home comforts by the third or fourth day. Luckily these are small to put in your bags and can be thrown away afterwards.

Swiss Army Knife
Not super essential but handy to have. Whether you’re acting repairman, putting up your tent or simply in need of something to open a bottle/file your nails; the Swiss Army Knife rules all!

 Pocket Flashlight
Great for finding your tent in the middle of the night or spotting lost belongings. You might even decide to use yours to tell ghost stories inside your tent…

Evian Spritz
This hydrating spray will keep you cool and pep up any dry, tired skin.

B Sunglasses Survival Kit


 Top Ten Tips 

1. Choose your pitching spot carefully. Try to stay near a landmark you remember and highlight out the spot with a flag or markers so you don’t end up with another group  of campers right outside your door!

2. Pack some gaffa tape to administer any repairs to your tent should some drunken festival goer stumble onto it.

3. Keep valuables on your person whenever you are asleep or leave the tent and leave your priceless belongings at home! You’ll be spending most of your time with your money and phone shoved down your T-shirt or under your pillow so it’s best to keep any expensive non-essential stuff where it belong.

4. Plan for the weather. It may be hot and sunny the first day so those shorts and flip flops will seem like a great idea…. but it never hurts to pack wellies and a poncho in case the heavens decide to open.

5. Organise a meeting spot for you and your friends to reconvene at in an emergency or if someone gets lost.  Mobile phones aren’t always reliable  without chargers etc. and anything you can wear to identified – however silly it may seem – can be a huge help should anything go awry. The Samaritans and medical tents are a good shout for a meeting place.

6. Additional but optional extras you’ll thank yourself for bringing include ear plugs, bin-bags, portable phone chargers and a folding chair so you can have the luxuries of home (a.k.a a peaceful snooze, a clean living space, your mobile and a comfy seat) while you’re away.

7. Disposable camera’s are a great way to capture the fun spirit and good times of your festival experience without having to fork out a hefty wad of cash should one of them go missing. Same rules apply for taking photos with your phone – which is more likely to drain your batteries early on.

8. Combat greasy, three-day old festival hair by bringing a hat or braiding if you’re a girl. Braiding solves all the problems! As does dry shampoo…

9. Make friends. Your neighbors will be the ones looking out for your camping site when you’re not there and will lend a hand if you get into trouble. It’s also much more fun when you get to party with someone new!

10. To avoid people stealing your stuff, one good tip is to empty your rucksack. That way, your stuff isn’t all neatly packed into one place for anyone to run off with.