Designer Sunglasses & Glasses Face Shape Guide

Get it right first time! B Sunglasses guide to choosing the perfect pair of designer sunglasses or designer glasses for your face shape.

The shape of your face will always determine the most suitable sunglasses frame shape

B Sunglasses Tip: Choose a frame shape that balances with the overall shape of your face. For strong features such as a prominent nose or chin, choose a frame to help soften your strong features. For delicate features such as a rounded jaw or little nose, choose a frame the opposite shape to visually sharpen your delicate features a little.

Oval Face Shape

Generally an oval face shape is the perfect face shape for wearing sunglasses, great news… almost any style will work!

B Sunglasses Tip: Try to keep proportions balanced by picking frames that are either as wide as or even wider than the broadest part of your face.


Go wild with the latest designer sunglasses trends: Geometric, Angular, Cateye, Round, Oversize, Square or Visor, the choice of frame shape is endless. We recommend trying out a pair of our Miu Miu Sunglasses, available from B Sunglasses in Black, Navy, Ivory or Yellow. If you’re looking for a fabulous piece of eye candy guaranteed to stand out in a crowd, then a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses are definitely for you.


For a fashion forward, sports inspired look we suggest trying out a pair of Carrera Sunglasses in Havana or Black. For an everyday look we recommend trying out one of our contemporary versions of the iconic aviator or wayfarer, with many designer brands in stock we have plenty to choose from! Square shape frames with soft rounded edges and high temples also look great on an oval face.

Frames Suggestions

Any frame shape. For anyone with delicate facial features we suggest going for angular frame shape sunglasses.

Round Face Shape

A round shaped face needs straight lines to counteract the curves, choosing the perfect frame for a round face shape will make your face appear less round, thinner and longer.

B Sunglasses Tip: We suggest going for wider frames such as square, angular, oversize or rectangular styles to add definition to your face. Sunglasses with brow bars can pull the eyes upwards making the face appear longer, high temple sunglasses can also create a longer profile. At B Sunglasses we have a fantastic selection of square, angular, oversize, and rectangular frame sunglasses to choose from.


We suggest trying out a pair of our Gucci Sunglasses, available in Black, Black and Grey or Brown – a key look this season.


We recommend trying out a pair of our Ray-Ban® Sunglasses, available in Gold or Gunmetal.

B Sunglasses Tip: Sunglasses frames should always follow the line of your eyebrow, your eyebrows should never appear above the frame.

Frames to Avoid

Round and narrow frame sunglasses.

Frame Suggestions

Wider frames, angular, rectangular, double brow and oversize sunglasses styles.

Oblong/Long Face Shape

The perfect sunglasses frame shape will even out your face shape by widening and shortening the face.

B Sunglasses Tip: Go for round, deep and square frame styles, they will look great on this face shape. Decoration around the temple area or contrasting temples can make the face appear wider, helping to balance out the length of your face. Frames with short and long vertical lines work well with this face shape and sunglasses with a low bridge can help to shorten the length of your nose.


We suggest trying out a pair of our Stella McCartney sunglasses, available in pink or Havana.


We suggest trying out a pair of our Paul Smith Elson Sunglasses in either grey, amber or green , uber-cool and bang on trend for SS13.

Frames to Avoid

Do not extend frames beyond the widest part of the face or try to hide your face shape with oversize sunglasses as it can make your face look noticeably longer/narrower.

Frame Suggestions

Round and square shape frames.

Square Face Shape

For square face shapes, even out the length of your face and soften hard angles with soft and curvy styles such as Cateye sunglasses to give your face some definition.

B Sunglasses Tip: The most suitable frame types for you face shape will be narrower and wider than they are long. Round and Oval sunglasses styles also work well for square face shapes.


The new Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses in matte pink, black & white, leopard print or matte black are the purrr-fect pick this season for any ladies with a square shape face


We suggest trying out a pair of our Ray-Ban® Sunglasses available in over 15 colour combinations. Nothing says summer better than a pair of Ray-Ban® Aviator sunglasses.

Frame Suggestions

Round, oval, aviator and Cateye shape frames.

Diamond Face Shape

Choose rimless, square or oval frames to widen your forehead and bring out your eyes.

B Sunglasses Tip: Oval sunglasses will soften the contour of the face, although softly curved square frames will also look good.


For designs that put sparkles in your eyes try out a pair of Michael Kors Sunglasses available in Black, Tortoiseshell, Plum or Burgundy.


We suggest trying out a pair of our Ray-Ban® Tech Semi-Rimless sunglasses in Dark or Light Carbon.

Frames to Avoid

Make sure the styles are no wider than the top of the cheekbones.

Frame Suggestions

Oval, Square, Semi-Rimless and Rimless.

Triangle Face Shape

Sunglasses styles such as Cateyes should angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jawline. Metal frames with a rimless bottom are also a good option and look great.

B Sunglasses Tip: Add width to your forehead and soften your jawline. Slightly top heavy, Cateye or decorated frame shapes are a good choice. Wayfarer and Aviator shape frames also work well with a triangle face shape.


Forever fashionable, this season hot aviator trend focuses on coloured and coloured mirror lenses, our recommendation: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses available in Silver, Gunmetal or Black and Gold.


We recommend trying a pair of our Oakley sunglasses or Oakley Garage Rock Wayfarer sunglasses available in a selection of this seasons colours.

Frame Suggestions

Straight top line, cateye, slightly top heavy, wayfarer or aviator shape frames.

Skin Tone / Complexion

Warm skin tones tend to suit warm frame colours such as gold, tan and pink. Cool skin tones usually suit white, black and silver frame colours.

Pale complexion

Frame Suggestions

Lightweight frames or frames with a touch of colour such as rose, or amber. Tortoiseshell frames also look good on pale complexions.

Frames to Avoid

Blue, Clear or Green frame colours as they tend to drain the colour from your cheeks.

Dark Complexion

Frame Suggestions

Olive, Mediterranean, Golden or Asian skin and dark hair can look beautiful in clear, silver or gold coloured frames.

Frames to Avoid

Black frames can look too heavy on dark complexions.

Dark/Black Complexions

Frame Suggestions

All metallic frames suit dark/black complexions, amber frames can also work well.

Frames to Avoid

Be careful with Black frames as they can either look absolutely fantastic or completely drastic!


Soft and Curly Hair

Soft and curly hair can be enhanced by delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colours.

Very Curly Hair

For very curly hair choose a frame shape that follows your headline, classic small frames shapes are advisable.

Short Hair

For short hair geometric or rounder shape frames can look good.

Long Hair

For long hair styles it is advisable to try frames on with your hair up and down, the change in hair style may completely alter the look of the sunglasses frame.