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B Sunglasses Round-up is a weekly blog post that gathers together everything that happened in the world of sunglasses and eyewear over the last week. Our goal at B Sunglasses, is to be the top resource for sunglasses news and we plan to do this by bringing you fresh stories, style tips and advice. On last week’s blog we looked at Snapchat’s new sunglasses, simply called Spectacles, and the new Oakley Radar Pace. This week, we’re looking at a collaboration between tech giants Intel and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, as well as a final look at our summer sale before it ends on Wednesday the 5th of October!


Intel and Hussein Chalayan Team up on Designer Sunglasses


Image credit: Intel

On Friday, during Hussein Chalayan’s catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week, Intel announced they would be collaborating with the designer, working on specialised sunglasses that marry Chalayan’s sense of fashion with their innovative technology. Part of the collection (the part we’re really interested in) included sunglasses with Intel’s Curie Module, which records your stress levels by taking several biometrics, including your brainwaves, heartrate, and your breathing levels. The software converts this data into live feedback. This data is usually communicated to your smartphone but for the show it was relayed to a belt that changed its colour and display depending on its wearer’s stress levels. The belts also had a small projector that displayed the wearers’ moods onto a nearby wall – which produced some very striking effects on the catwalk. In a statement, Hussein Chalayan spoke about how Intel’s technology has impacted his work:

“I have been working with wearable technology for many years… Throughout this time, it has been very important for me to work on ideas which will be as close as possible to a real product, while also challenging myself at the same time. Intel’s years of experience, out-of-the-box mentality, commitment to innovation, and level of perfection has made this project one of the most valuable and exciting collaborations for me in recent years.”

Marrying technology and fashion isn’t a new idea – just last week we were talking about the Oakley Radar Pace and Snapchat’s sunglasses, but nothing seems to come close to the sophistication of Intel’s Curie Module. We’re excited to see how this partnership progresses and as long as it looks good, we’ll always be in favour of technology and eyewear fashion coming together.


Moncler Brings out its First Sunglasses Range


Image credit: Moncler

Moncler is a luxury outdoors brand with an incredibly distinct aesthetic and most famous for its stylish down-filled jackets, has announced its very first sunglasses collection. Although Moncler is huge and it has a large range of products, it hadn’t expanded into sunglasses until now – and with these incredible designs, we can’t understand why it’s taken them so long!


Image credit: Moncler

Now that we’re seeing some of Moncler’s sunglasses designs, we’re really pleased that they have joined the club! With a range of surprising, original designs, Moncler’s foray into the eyewear industry will definitely be memorable. It’s great to see a designer come in with a completely fresh aesthetic, and we’re sure they’ll do very well!


Image credit: Moncler

The collection is called Moncler Lunettes and it features six sunglasses models for men and women. The collection clearly references the brand’s connection to winter sports and some of the models have a definite 70s ski aesthetic.

Although there are so many different designs to look at in the Moncler Lunettes collection, there is something loud and bold about all of the designs, and perhaps this boldness and rich colour palate will set Moncler’s sunglass designs apart from the rest. These sunglasses will only be available from Moncler boutique stores and a few other select department stores.


The Summer Sale Ends on Wednesday the 5th of October

Many customers have enjoyed B Sunglasses’ summer sale, which has been going on for over a month now. With 20%, 50%, and even 70% off some of the world’s top designer sunglasses, our sale has helped many customers pick up incredible bargains. But all good things must come to an end, however, and our sale will end on Wednesday the 5th. However, this means that there’s still a little time for you to nab something special in the sale – perhaps even the perfect Christmas present for someone special. Browse through the collection and you’ll find discounts on a huge number of our sunglasses, but here are a few highlights:


These Alexander McQueen aviator style sunglasses in dark ruthenium red were £220 and were cut by 50% to £110!


These Police Wayfarers in semi-matte translucent beige were £70 and were cut by 50% to £35!


These Stella McCartney square sunglasses in Havana were £170 and were cut by 50% to £85!

Grab one of our incredible offers before the sale ends on Wednesday. And if you have any questions about our sale, please get in touch.


Marshall Eyewear Giveaway on Monday 3rd of October

Tomorrow, there’ll be an exciting Marshall Eyewear giveaway for one lucky person. We can’t say much about it now, so today we’ll just give a few highlights of some of our favourite Marshall Eyewear sunglasses:


Marshall Eyewear Bob Large sunglasses in turtle


Marshall Eyewear Jack sunglasses in gold


Retro chunky Marshall Eyewear Johnny Large sunglasses in dark turtle


Our Miami Competition is Closed!


Well done to everyone who managed to enter, but our trip for 2 to Miami competition in association with Ray-Ban® is now closed. Understandably, this competition was very popular, and we’re very pleased that so many people took part. We’re sorting through all of the entries and will announce the winner on Tuesday the 4th of October!


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Check out the blog throughout the week for more in-depth articles, and come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!