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Welcome to another B Sunglasses Round-up, our weekly sunglasses news piece that gathers together everything and anything happening in the eyewear industry. Last week, we covered several stories, including the start of London Fashion Week. This week, we’re going to follow up on London Fashion Week. We’ll also look at exciting new 3D imagine technology that will allow you to digitally try on sunglasses. But first, we’re looking at Retrosuperfuture’s new Autumn/Winter collection!


Retrosuperfuture Release New Autumn/Winter Collection


This week, Retrosuperfuture released their new autumn/winter line of designer eyewear, and we are not disappointed. It’ll still be a while until some of these models make their way out to other vendors, so you’ll have to find the newest designs on their main page. The autumn/winter collection continues on from Retrosuperfuture’s MO for clean, simple aesthetics, cutting out any unnecessary design elements. With matte finishes and deep, dark colours, it’s not just more of the same, but the next progression in this relatively new brand’s aesthetic. You can look over some of their previous models in our SUPER by Retrosuperfuture collection.


London Fashion Week Continued…

Last week, we reported on the immanent London Fashion Week, which was due to begin on the 15th of September (last Thursday). Well LFW started and is well under way, and we’ve already learned a lot about 2017’s Spring/Summer styles. One thing we learned was that huge earrings (even bigger than you think!) will be very in come early 2017, as will hair scarves in bright, light pastel colours. If you want to have a look at these styles yourself, check out the official LFW website.

The highlight for us was the complete mango outfit designed by Donatella Versace in her Versus Versace collection. You can see the outfit in the highlights section of the LFW website. The most exciting part of the outfit for us was the mango-accented, ultra-modern Aviators. It’s always exciting for us when a designer plays about with a well-known sunglasses style like Aviators, and we embrace any fresh eyewear designs without feeling that the old favourites are in any danger of being replaced. If you’re also interested in Aviator designs, traditional, modern, or even futuristic, then make sure you check out our Aviator collection.


A small selection from our huge range of Aviator sunglasses

London Fashion Week will continue until Tuesday the 20th, so keep an eye on your favourite blogs, magazines and newspapers for more insight into next year’s Spring/Summer styles.


3D Facial Scanning Will Allow You to Digitally Try on Sunglasses



A particularly exciting piece of news this week is that 3D scanning technology is being developed by a company called Fuel3D that will allow people to scan their face into a device and then try on various digital versions of sunglasses. The idea for this is inspired and may be a perfect fit for online stores like B Sunglasses. With this technology, we’d be able to offer the best of both worlds, as we could continue to offer cheaper prices on top designer eyewear, as only online stores can, and we’d be able to give customers the chance to experiment with the different sunglasses before they make a purchase, working out exactly what suits them!

A Dutch company called Roger Bacon Eyewear is also working on this technology and we suspect others are as well. Often, when something new comes out, it takes a little time before it’s any good. So it’s probably still a little while away, but it’s an exciting prospect and we’ll keep you un to date with any new developments!


Affordable Sunglasses Focus

Here at B Sunglasses we try our absolute best to offer luxury brands at VERY reasonable prices. That’s why you’ll find great value eyewear from some of the biggest, typically most expensive brands. But we do have some smaller up-and-coming brands, along with heavily-discounted larger brands that look great but cost significantly less! These sunglasses provide all of the style of the top designers, but they are much more affordable. Here are a few of our top picks (and you can get more by signing up to our newsletter on our homepage!):


American Freshman plastic & metal combination sunglasses in tortoiseshell gold – available here


Ben Sherman preppy plastic with skinny metal temple sunglasses – available here


French Connection folding keyhole sunglasses in matte black tortoiseshell gradient – available here



End of Summer Sale

The B Sunglasses End-of-Summer sale is still on, and savings are incredible on some of the World’s biggest designer brands, such as Diesel, Michael Kors, and Alexander McQueen. Check out the highlights below or browse through our entire designer sunglasses collection for even more amazing deals!


These Diesel Wayfarer style sunglasses in Havana yellow were £81.00 and have been cut by 70% to £24.30!


These Michael Kors Brynn Aviator sunglasses in crystal purple mirror were £85 and they’ve been cut by 50% to £42.50!


These Alexander McQueen Stud Temple Aviator sunglasses in black antique silver were £250 and they’ve been cut by 50% to £125!


And that’s all the eyewear news we have time for on this week’s round-up. Come back next week for even more!