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Welcome back to the B Sunglasses Round-up, where we gather together all of the biggest sunglasses news from around the world. On last week’s round-up, we talked about James O’Callaghan’s hingeless titanium glasses design and our exciting competition to win a trip for two to Miami. This week, we’re looking at London Fashion Week, Rafael de Cárdenas’ new line of sunglasses, and Nike’s incredible bespoke eyewear designed for paralympian Lex Gillette.


London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week kicks off next week and we’re incredibly excited. It’s thrilling that our capital city will become the main focal point for the world’s most cutting-edge fashion brands. It’s the perfect time to stop and take stock of next year’s spring and summer styles. You don’t need to buy anything straight away (as we still need to get through this years’ autumn and winter!), but it’s good to have an idea of the different trends marinating in your head for a few months.

The show is at the BFC Show Space on Brewer Street and it’s set to be a massive occasion. Keep an eye on the news and our website for more coverage.


Rafael de Cárdenas Enters the Eyewear Design Industry


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Rafael de Cárdenas is a world-famous architect and founder of Architecture at Large. He is famous for his playfulness with large, bold geometric shapes and his first foray into sunglass design is fresh and exciting. He has designed his sunglasses in association with the Korean designer brand Gentle Monster and he has called it Vision Quest, after the 1985 Madonna film, where he drew a lot of his inspiration. De Cárdenas also took inspiration from two other films: The Hunger, by Tony Scott, and Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional. Drawing inspiration from films is incredibly astute as many people actively look for sunglasses and other fashion items from their favourite films; they want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s, or Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. There’s something about the movies that manages to resonate with people, and choosing a few movies to derive his designs from shows that Rafael de Cárdenas is thinking outside of the box.


Paralympian Lex Gillette’s Incredible Nike Eyewear


Sport and eyewear design have a very close relationship, and this week they met again in the Paralympics as Nike designed bespoke eyewear for Lex Gillette, the impressive blind long jumper. Obviously, Lex doesn’t need the eyewear to protect his vision from the sun, but he does need it to protect his eyes from the sand and grit of the sand pit when he lands. Nike pulled out all of the design stops and produced something truly exceptional, reminding us again why it is one of the top sports brands in the world. Nike outlined the thinking behind their ‘Lex-Specs’ in their official blog:

The team stayed true to Gillette’s tactile desires and added additional factors: They wanted a patina that would also illuminate the eyewear’s bold shape and communicate an intrepid aesthetic. So instead of painting the piece, they pulled footwear and apparel skins and played with sublimating the fabrics onto the frame.


Polarised Sunglasses: A Closer Look

As an additional feature this week, we’re looking at polarised sunglasses and their amazing anti-glare properties. Polarised sunglasses are treated with a special layer of chemicals that helps reduce glare (which is distracting, reduces your depth perception and distorts the colours you are able to see). Glare is light reflected off of certain surfaces, such as water. Reducing glare helps improve the UV protection to your eyes and it also helps you see everything more clearly, making it perfect for driving, boating enthusiasts (all that water!) and for outdoor sports. Many of the sunglasses in our entire sunglasses collection are polarised, but always read the product descriptions of any sunglasses you buy, as reflective or tinted lenses aren’t necessarily polarised and they do not provide the same protection.


Brand Focus: Carrera

This month, we’re focusing on our beautiful range of Carrera sunglasses. Founded in Austria in 1956 (although they’re now based in Italy), the Carrera brand was taken from the world-famous Carrera Panamericana race and has been associated with sports and racing ever since. Carrera’s aesthetic is an intriguing mixture of style and sportiness and we’re pleased to bring so many amazing designs to our customers. Here are some of our top Carrera picks:


Carrera New Panamerika sunglasses in metallic brown – available here


Carrera black 97/S sunglasses – available here


Carrera 5022/S interchangeable sunglasses in black ruthenium blue – available here


And that’s all of the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for even more!