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Welcome back to another B Sunglasses Round-up – our weekly news blog that gathers together all of the top sunglasses and eyewear stories from the last seven days! It’s our ongoing goal to become one of the top places for eyewear enthusiasts to learn about the latest eyewear fashion and technology. On last week’s round-up, we looked at District Visions new Black Rose sunglasses and a fantastic pair of 3D printed sunglasses inspired by computer game Deus Ex. This week, we’re looking at model Josephine Skriver’s new sunglasses in collaboration with Illestreva, and a big fake sunglasses bust in Madrid!


Model Josephine Skriver Teams up with Illesteva on New Sunglasses


Image Source: Illesteva.com

The world-famous supermodel Josephine Skriver has joined forces with designer Illesteva to produce a stunning pair of sunglasses. What’s more, a portion of the profits go towards the Keep a Child Alive charity, which works to help children with HIV and AIDS in many developing countries throughout the world. This isn’t the first good cause Skriver has been involved in, however: as a child of gay parents, she has been a presence at previous Pride parades in New York City, and often helps raise awareness and donations for various LGBT charities and awareness campaigns.

Skriver had this to say about her most recent sunglasses project with Illestreva:

Being born in a family who has always been nontraditional and kind of unconventional, I know about the stigma that everyone always throws at you, so it really hit me that the world isn’t talking about it anymore and that they treat kids with AIDS so differently,” says Skriver. “I needed to be a part of it right then and there.

Skriver loves sunglasses, so working with Illestreva was a very natural fit for her. Eyewear is carving out more space for itself in the fashion industry each year, and we’re glad that supermodels such as Skriver and several musicians this year have all been part of different sunglasses projects. Skriver told vogue that “If you add [sunglasses] to any outfit, it elevates the look a little bit… You say a lot with shapes and colors, according to your mood or what you like, or make a contrast.” And her design in collaboration with Illesteva is a variation on her all-time favourite cat-eye design (Note: this is also one of our favourite designs, and we have a huge cat-eye collection). Skriver told Vogue that she wanted the sunglasses to have a feeling of spring and summer as we went into autumn, as this would give them all-year-round appeal.

We hope that Skriver and Illesteva’s collaboration is a massive success and that they generate a lot of money for Keep a Child Alive. The sunglasses are beautiful and can be found on the Illestreva website, here. But it’s a limited collection, so don’t wait too long to get a pair for yourself.


245,000 Fake Designer Sunglasses Seized in Madrid

This week, there was a huge seizure of fake sunglasses in Madrid. After a tip from French authorities who found 75,000 fake sunglasses in a bust at Paris airport, Spanish authorities were able to seize almost a quarter of a million dodgy glasses! The fake sunglasses are now being tested to see if they are potentially dangerous (as most fake sunglasses provide no UV protection and can lead to extreme UV damage to wearers’ vision).  This is a huge victory against the fake sunglasses industry, and the benefits to the sunglasses industry and the state of eye health are absolutely huge.

It seems like there’s an everlasting supply of fake designer sunglasses pouring into much of the Mediterranean – especially Spain. These holiday hotspots have fake sunglasses stalls everywhere and many tourists have been duped by the extremely low prices. The problem, as we mentioned above, is that these glasses offer no UV protection, so wearers walk around in bright conditions and subject their eyes to a lot of damage. In fact, wearing no sunglasses at all, is far better than wearing fake sunglasses, as your eyes will squint and your pupils will contract to limit the amount of light getting into your eyes. But with fake sunglasses, they block visible light and your eyes relax, allowing a lot of light (including UVV radiation) into your eyes, which can do a lot of damage and lead to several eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

This is why B Sunglasses goes to such lengths to ensure our sunglasses provide as much protection as possible from UV rays, and it’s why we get very annoyed at how irresponsible the counterfeit sunglasses industry is. It’s not just that they are low quality, it’s that they are a serious health risk! You can look through our entire sunglasses collection today, all of which come with guaranteed UV protection!


Brand Focus: Tom Ford

This week, we’re taking a special look at Tom Ford because we just added a bunch of incredible new models to our ever-expanding Tom Ford sunglasses and Tom Ford prescription glasses collections!

Tom Ford is one of the biggest designers in the world, and his brand, although only ten years old, is one of the biggest fashion labels in the world. The success of the Tom Ford fashion house is in part due to Ford’s previous role as creative director at two of Europe’s biggest fashion houses: Gucci and Saint Laurent. Both brands did fantastically well under Ford’s guidance, so it was the next logical progression for him to start his own brand.

In Tom Ford’s eyewear designs, you’ll find an exquisite balance between vintage and modern styles, as well a clever mixture of European and American aesthetics – this makes perfect sense when you consider that he was an American working for some of the biggest European fashion houses. The new additions to our Tom Ford range are stunning, but here are some of our favourites:


Tom Ford Holt sunglasses in Havana Gradient – available here


Tom Ford Dashel sunglasses – available here


Tom Ford Morgan sunglasses in black – available here


And that’s all of the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Please keep an eye on the B Sunglasses Blog for more in-depth articles and pop back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!