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Welcome back to the weekly sunglasses and eyewear news roundup here at B Sunglasses. We call it the B Sunglasses Round-up and it’s a collection of all of the biggest fashion, sport, and technology news related to the eyewear industry. Last week, we did an Oakley special, looking at the history of the company and its brand-new, ultra-high-tech running sunglasses – the Oakley Radar Pace! This week, we’re looking District Vision’s new Black Rose sunglasses and 3D printed sunglasses inspired by a futuristic computer game!


District Vision Announce Black Rose Runner Sunglasses


Image source: District Vision

This week, New York–based designer District Vision announced its brand-new sunglasses for runners. They are called Black Rose, and they’re beautiful! So often, runners have to opt for practicality over style, or there is at least some compromise in this area. But not with the Black Rose; this is what’s so fresh about the Black Rose design. District Vision’s two founders used to work with Saint Laurent, so their fashion pedigree is well and truly established, and the style and elegance of the design is undisputable.

The Black Rose design has been developed in conversation with top runners Rickey Gates and Knox Robinson, who’s experience in the sport informed how well the sunglasses fit and remain fixed on the wearer’s face. A huge part of its performance comes from its adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and the titanium core running through its temple tips. The Black Rose is ideal for the runner who wants to be able to wear their shades when they’re not running as well. We’re excited to see designs like this coming to the running sunglasses industry along with the technical masterpiece that is the Oakley Radar Pace. Running sunglasses designers are upping their game and retailers and customers will reap all of the benefits! Sadly, the Black Rose is only available on their website, but we’ll talk about any eyewear we’re impressed with – even if we don’t stock it.


Budding Inventor Designs Automatic Sunglasses


There’s a lot of buzz around amateur inventor Yousif Ashoor, who has managed to design a really impressive pair of sunglasses that automatically slide over your eyes when they come into contact with intense sunlight and then slide away again when you move into the shade. Check out the video for yourself below.

Ashoor said he was inspired by the trailer for Deus Ex, a futuristic computer game. This isn’t the first time science fiction has inspired an inventor, and it won’t be the last. A few months ago, Rihanna helped design sunglasses with Dior that were inspired by Geordi La Forge from Star Trek, The Next Generation.

Ashoor’s automatic sunglasses actually look pretty great, and we’re especially impressed, as he managed to make most of the prototype just by using a 3D printer. There doesn’t seem to be any rush to develop these sunglasses into a consumer product, but the buzz around it will surely result in some kind of production deal or at least a copycat product designed by an eyewear company. Technology and eyewear continue to join together in new and interesting ways, and we can wait to see what will be dreamt up next!


Gucci buying trip!

This week, we went to Liverpool to consider buying in the new 2017 Gucci collection. Gucci is one of the biggest eyewear brands out there and we already had an impressive collection, but the new sunglasses and glasses we saw impressed up immensely. We were especially impressed by the unique details on many of the designs, including these beautiful gold bees, intricately set onto some of the frames. The bees connect with their new Gucci Garden theme dreamt up by their creative director, Alessandro Michelle. Despite the new designs and the Gucci Garden details, we found the same Gucci colour palette incorporated into a number of the styles, as well as a statement gold Gucci G on some of the frames – perfect for anyone who loves a bit of bling! The new range is out next year and we’re very pleased to stock as many of the new designs as possible. If you don’t want to wait, check out our Gucci collection today, and here are some of our favourites to whet your appetite in the meantime:


Gucci round cateye sunglasses in grey marble – available here


Gucci engraved cateye sunglasses in light Havana – available here


Gucci clubmaster-style sunglasses in black ruthenium – available here


Brand Focus: Michael Kors


Earlier this week, we took a long look at one of the top eyewear designers in the world: Michael Kors. You can read the in-depth article here. Michael Kors is the New York-based designer famed for his stunning designer shoes and eyewear. All of his designs have a unique blend of European and American styles – and fans of the big Italian designers (Gucci, Prada, D&G) are sure to love Michael Kors’ sunglasses.


Over the last five years, Michael Kors has undergone a huge expansion, spreading out to Paris, Toronto, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. His eyewear designs have a distinctive aesthetic, with rich colours and gold and silver detailing. You can browse the entire Michael Kors sunglasses collection today, but here are a few of our favourites:


Michael Kors Polynesia Sunglasses in navy tortoise


Michael Kors Adrianna I sunglasses in dark tortoise gold


Michael Kors Willa I round sunglasses in red gold


B Sunglasses Best and Bravest Run in the Newcastle Stampede!

Feeling brave, our general manager Philly and our eCommerce and digital marketing manager Rachel signed up to take part in the Newcastle Stampede this weekend. It’s a 10k muddy assault course designed to sort out the warriors from the wimps. Philly and Rachel have trained for the event and we’re sure they’ll have a fantastic time. If we get a good photo or two, we’ll share them on the blog later in the week.


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Keep up with the B Sunglasses blog during the week and come back next Sunday for another B Sunglasses Round-up.