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Welcome back to the B Sunglasses Round-up. Each week, we gather together all of the biggest sunglasses and eyewear news stories and put them all in one handy place. Eyewear has expanded in recent years, and it now incorporates, fashion news, sport, health, and technology – so there’s always lots of stuff to talk about! Last week, we looked at Paris Fashion Week and we announced the winner of our Ray-Ban® trip-for-2 to Miami competition. This week is an Oakley special: we’re looking at Oakley Radar Pace, our newest and most exciting product, and we’re taking a closer look at Oakley, the brand that designed them!

The Oakley Radar Pace is Available from B Sunglasses


A few weeks ago, we reported on the upcoming release of the ultra-high-tech Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses. We outlined the impressive Intel-powered technology behind these sunglasses and explored how they could revolutionise the world of runners’ sunglasses. Well this week we’re over the moon to announce that the exclusive Oakley Radar Pace is available here at B Sunglasses!


We’ve been talking about these incredible sunglasses for a while (so has the rest of the eyewear and sporting world!), so it’s very exciting to stock them here at B Sunglasses! From the front, the Radar Pace looks a lot like the previous Oakley Radar model, but from the side you’ll see the ingenious earphones that feed in information and feedback about your run. The built-in microphone also allows you to ask your sunglasses questions about your speed, times, distance and heartrate (all of which is power by Intel’s incredible hardware and software). You can also connect your Radar Pace to your smart device, gaining access to all kinds of diagnostics about your run. Oakley have outdone themselves this time and we’re very pleased to stock the most cutting-edge running sunglasses in the world.

Brand Focus: Oakley

As we’ve just acquired the Oakley Radar Pace, we want to take a closer look at Oakley, its history and reputation within the sunglasses industry. Oakley is one of the biggest dedicated eyewear companies in the world, but it comes from very humble beginnings…

Oakley Inc. was started up by James Jannard in 1975 in his own garage. He only had an initial investment of $300 and he named the brand after his dog. Jannard spent five years selling various types of sports equipment, and he only expanded into eyewear in 1980 when he brought out the O-Frame goggles, for use in various extreme sports. O-Frames received more and more praise over the years, and by 1983 Oakley was manufacturing a line of ski goggles. Oakley produced its first sunglasses in 1984, and followed them up with another design the following year. The brand’s pedigree in the sports world meant that it was getting serious traction in the fashion world – especially as the 80s blended fashion and sport like never before. In 1995, Oakley went public and raised $230million, cementing it as one of the biggest eyewear and sporting goods companies in the world! It’s the R&D funding and a passion for sports that drives Oakley’s, and it’s this force that helped produce the Oakley Radar Pace.

If the price tag of the Radar Pace is a little too high for you and it’s just the look and stability of Oakley’s running sunglasses that interests you, then you may like to check out our Oakley’s sunglasses collection today. Here are a few of our favourite running glasses to choose from:


The Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses in polished black


The polarised Oakley Flak 2.0 sunglasses in black ink and red iridium


The Oakley M2 sunglasses in white and jade iridium


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We’re hosting so many competitions at the minute that it’s hard to keep track! This particular competition just requires you to enter your name and email address here, with an additional option of liking us on Facebook. On top of the £200 voucher, you will also receive free Single Vision Lenses. If you win, you’ll be able to use your voucher to choose from our huge range of prescription glasses, but here are a few stunning pairs of designer glasses that will be in range of your prize money:


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B Sunglasses HQ has had a Complete Overhaul!

Here at B Sunglasses, we’ve ordered in so many exciting new sunglasses over the last few months that we were starting to run out of space. This is just what we’ve come to expect after a busy summer. In order to make sure we’re getting the most out of our space, we’ve moved everything around, rejigging our organisation system. This has been hard work, but it’s been worth doing, because it has helped us get a handle on our ever-increasing range of sunglasses, glasses, and prescription glasses. We go on so many buying trips each year because it’s important that B Sunglasses acquires the most cutting-edge fashions and eyewear technologies — so a massive reorganisation job is just a necessary undertaking every year or two! With all of this newly created space at B Sunglasses HQ, you should keep an eye on our blog in the near future for even more new collections!


And that’s all of the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Keep an eye on the blog during the week for new articles, and come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!