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Greetings from the team at B Sunglasses. This week’s B Sunglasses Round-up brings you all of the sunglasses news over the last seven days, as May moves into June. You can read eyewear news from the week before here and look back over our blog for the previous B Sunglasses Round-ups.


Ray-Ban® Limited Edition Ambermatic Aviators



This week, the iconic eyewear designer Ray-Ban® released an extremely limited edition range of their Classic, Outdoorsman, and Shooter Aviator sunglasses. This range of Aviators is special because it employs Ambermatic technology that allows the lenses to darken or lighten between yellow and brown depending on the temperature. This helps the sunglasses block glare when needed, but lighten when more visibility is required.



A limited edition pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses is exciting news for any eyewear enthusiast, and they always sell out fast. But as Ray-Ban® only put out 100 pairs up for grabs, the range sold out almost instantly. Is this limited range a precursor to a larger one? Will Ray-Ban® release thousands of Ambermatic Aviators in these styles in the near future? Only time will tell.

If you’re inspired by Ray-Ban® recent limited edition and weren’t one of the lucky 100 to snag a pair for yourself, then you might like to check out B Sunglasses’ Ray-Ban® collection. Find their classic Aviator styles, Wayfarers, and countless other stylish designs. Ray-Ban® continues to be one of the most exciting eyewear designers in the world, and we will continue to add to our already extensive range of Ray-Ban® sunglasses.


Tech Insider Highlights the Importance of UV-blocking Sunglasses

Tech Insider is one of the biggest websites in the world, bringing us news across a whole range of technological innovations and concerns. This week, Tech Insider published an article highlighting something very close to our heart: the importance of protecting your eyes from UV-rays, with particular emphasis on avoiding fake or poorly made sunglasses. This focus from Tech Insider, just as we enter into summer, couldn’t come at a more important time.


Oakleys’ Mainlink sunglasses provide complete UV protection

The article warns against the danger UV-rays pose to our eyes. Most people venturing out into sunny weather ensure that their skin has some kind of UV protection. But the same care is often not given to our eyes, despite the fact that UV-rays have been proven to contribute to several eye conditions, including macular degeneration and cataracts. Both of these problems (and pinguecula, which wasn’t mentioned in the article) can be avoided or prevented significantly if you wear sunglasses with adequate UV protection.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many cheaper or knock-off sunglasses can be more harmful for your eyes than if you simply when without them. When your eyes squint, your pupils contract as small as they can go to stop light getting in. But when you wear cheap sunglasses that allow UV-rays through and block some visible light, your pupils don’t contract nearly as much, letting in extremely harmful amounts of UV light.


Tom Ford’s Emma sunglasses provide total UV protection

Tech Insider’s advice (and our advice as well) is to make sure your sunglasses guarantee to block 95-100% of UV-rays or that they claim UV absorption of up to 400nm (which means the same thing). There’s a pretty simple way to keep yourself right: stick to brand names you can trust. You pay a higher price, but you keep your eyes safe and you usually get a much more stylish design. Almost all of our designer sunglasses come with complete UV protection and this information is clearly available on each product page.


Global Running Day


It was Global Running Day on Wednesday the 1st of June. This year, Global Running Day organised a Million Kid Run, encouraging children all over the world get outside and run. The obvious physical and mental health benefits of running make it an important part of modern life – especially given our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. The Global Running Day website broke down the incredible statistics surrounding this worldwide running phenomenon. Here are some of our highlights:

117 countries took part.

There were 2,500,120 participants, 672,030 of which where children!

Altogether, the participants ran 9,250,443 miles, which would get you to the Moon and back to Earth almost 20 times!

We think this is an incredible achievement and we want to suggest some great sunglasses for runners who want to protect their eyes and look great while they run.

Higher Budget: Oakley Polarised Flak 2.0 Sunglasses in Black Ink Red Iridium – available here


There are many sport sunglasses to choose from in our Oakley collection that are perfect for runners looking for comfort and style while they run. Oakley is famous across the world for its quality and its dedication to the world of sport.

Medium Budget: Ryders Eyewear Thorn Sunglasses in White Orange Photochromic – available here


Anything from our range of Ryder sunglasses is perfect for runners with a medium budget who are looking for a great pair of sunglasses that look great and will sit on their face comfortably while they run.

Lower Budget: Freedom Polarised Cutaway Lens Wrap Sunglasses – available here


Our range of Freedom Polarised sunglasses provide a slightly cheaper option for runners looking for quality sunglasses but are on a stricter budget. Check out the entire Freedom Polarised collection today.


The REDHOTDOG eating challenge


Last week, we let out a teaser that we were planning something fun to celebrate our sixth birthday. As June is such a busy month for us, we had to move this celebration forward to Friday the 24th of June. To celebrate, we will be holding a REDHOTDOG eating challenge at the B Sunglasses HQ, and some of us are looking forward to it more than others. Keep an eye on this blog for news about our birthday and our REDHOTDOG eating challenge. Also make sure you pop back next week for even more sunglasses news!