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Welcome back to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Each week, we dig up the most exciting and relevant sunglasses news and fashion news from across the world and put it all in one place. If you’re really keen, you can read last week’s B Sunglasses Round-up here. If you’re half as interested in eyewear fashion as we are, then read on as we discuss the London Collections Men, Paul Smith as he celebrates 40 years of punk, and a legal dispute over Ray-Ban® iconic Wayfarer sunglasses design.


London Collections Men


This Friday saw the beginning of London Collections Men, which finishes tomorrow, on Monday the 13th of June. This year, the event is being held at 180 Strand, and hundreds are expected to attend throughout the four-day event. Highlights from Friday’s showrooms included Barbour, Xander Zhou, and Topman collections. Check out their highlights page to find out what happened on Saturday. And once the event is finished, you’ll be able to see highlights from Sunday and Monday as well.  You can keep up with the whole event on Twitter with #LCM.

As sunglasses specialists, we’re keen to see what new eyewear will be announced this weekend. It’s also interesting to see how designer sunglasses are often used to give context to an entire outfit. On the runways, in the photos and highlights from the event, look out for outfit-and-sunglasses combinations; you’ll notice how integral eyewear is to the wider fashion scene and it might give you a few good ideas. We have a few ideas of our own, however, so here’s B Sunglasses own top summer picks for men:

These black clubmaster style sunglasses from Saint Laurent (available here) are understated, and the perfect marriage of modern and vintage styles. An ideal fit with the cutting-edge fashion at LCM.



These blue Quentin sunglasses from Tom Ford (available here) are unapologetically modern. With an interesting take on the traditional aviator style, Tom Ford continues to push the boundaries of modern eyewear.


These amber round-rimmed photochromatic Elson sunglasses from Paul Smith (available here) are elegant and their polished amber finish is rich yet understated.



Paul Smith celebrates 40 years of punk


This weekend, to run alongside London Collections Men, Paul Smith is hosting an event at its store on Ablemarle Street. This is an exhibition from photographer Derek Ridgers of the London punk scene during the late 1970s. A preview of the collection can be viewed on The Guardian. The collection captures the frenetic atmosphere of this iconic era, immortalising stars like Debbie Harry, Adam Ant, and Siouxsie Sioux. Alongside the stars were crowds of punks who brought their rebellious politics, fashion sense and energy to London’s punk scene.

It seems oddly appropriate for Derek Ridgers’ exhibition to be held at Paul Smith’s store as both London punk and Paul Smith are inextricably linked to London. It’s great that designers like Paul Smith can provide a platform for Ridgers’ photography. Punk is part of our cultural history and it’s interesting to any fashion enthusiast; London’s punk movement had its own aesthetic, separate from the global punk movement.


Here at B Sunglasses, we’re very proud of our Paul Smith collection. If you’re looking to add another pair of designer sunglasses to your wardrobe, or even buy your very first pair, then our Paul Smith collection is a great place to get started.


Dispute over Wayfarer sunglasses design


Ray-Ban® Wayfarers – available here

On Wednesday, the makers of Ray-Ban® entire range of sunglasses (Luxottica Group Spa) has filed a lawsuit against a rival fashion house (BCBG Max Azria Group LLC), claiming that they have knowingly infringed on their Wayfarer brand trademark. This is the eyewear industry at corporate level and it makes a huge statement to the rest of the eyewear industry: Wayfarers are our design and we will fight to defend them.

Luxottica Group Spa claim that BCBG Max Azria Group LLC intended to confuse customers with their sale of Wayfarer-style sunglasses, and that this confusion has damaged their brand’s reputation and goodwill. It’s easy to see why Luxottica Group Spa are precious about Ray-Ban® Wayfarer design, given its cultural and sartorial pedigree all around the world; B Sunglasses, for example, has a huge array of Ray-Ban® Wayfarers to choose from – as should any top eyewear retailer!

The debate will probably try to define the parameters of the Wayfarer design, establishing what counts as infringement and what should just be considered imitation or inspiration. This lawsuit is huge and might have huge ramifications for the eyewear industry as a whole. We will endeavour to stay on top of this story as it develops, bringing you any and all new developments.

And that’s it for this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Pop back next week for even more sunglasses news!