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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up, where we look at the latest and greatest sunglasses news and anything else we think is relevant to the world of eyewear fashion. Last week we reported on Norton Point’s designer shades made from recycled ocean plastic and on our brand new range of Marshall Eyewear. This week, we’re looking at Glastonbury, Bacardi’s rum-barrel sunglasses, and an exciting new line of sunglasses fashioned from recycled jeans!

Bacardi’s old rum barrels are being turned into sunglasses


This week, we found out that Bacardi has teamed up with Puerto Rican designer RAW Eyewear to produce designer sunglasses made from the old barrels used in the production of Bacardi’s world-famous rum. This is a huge environmental gesture and a spokesperson at Bacardi says that they hope that these sunglasses encourage guests at their Casa Bacardi Visitor Center to ‘see sustainability in a new light’. Great pun aside, this is a great move, as Bacardi is a huge global brand and ar likely to turn a few heads with this new venture.

At Bacardi, our challenge is to think in new, creative ways to help the environment and our consumers. This is just one example of how we recycle materials to give them new life and ensure that nothing goes to waste, and this is part of our long-term view for the future.

                            –Eduardo Vallado Moreno, vice president for supply chain and manufacturing for                                         Bacardi in the Americas


It really helps, from our perspective, that the sunglasses RAW Eyewear has produced as part of the project look pretty great. There’s definitely a casual, island vibe, and the bright blue lens are the perfect accompaniment to the matt wood finish.



This year’s Glastonbury Music Festival is incredibly exciting. And it sparked many of us talking about the best performances over the years. In fact, we wrote a blog post about it earlier in the week. This year, lucky festival goers are looking forward to headliners like Adele, Muse, Beck and Madness! But They’re just a few of the favourites around the office. Have a look at the entire line-up here.

All this talk of Glastonbury inevitably leads us to sunglasses and to the various music festivals held in the UK and across the world over the summer. It’s too late for Glastonbury, but not for the next festival! We think that anyone out in the sun for hours needs UV protection – both on their skin and over their eyes! And we also think that many festival goers want to look their best while they’re out there, dancing away to their hearts’ content. But we know that people are often scared of bringing nice things to festivals in case they lose or break them. So we’d like to suggest a few sunglasses that go for well below the £100 mark! They’re still beautiful and you’d be very sad to lose them. But the risk isn’t quite as big.


These Guess peaked round sunglasses are only £50.40 – available here


These polarised Ryders sunglasses are only £49.99 – available here


These beautiful Ray-Ban® metal bridge sunglasses are £76 – available here


These striking Justin sunglasses from Ray-Ban® are £68 – available here


These Oakley stringer sunglasses are £78.80 – available here


These Swole Panda bamboo clubmasters are £71.99 – available here


Sunglasses Made from Old Jeans


Image copyright: Mosevic

Cornwall-based company Mosevic is getting a lot of attention for their innovative denim sunglasses that make use of people’s old jeans. These sunglasses aren’t just coated with denim for a material finish, they are layered up and placed into moulds with a special synthesised resin that hardens it into a strong useful material. The arms of the frames are also reinforced with steel to allow them to be pliable enough to be adjusted to the wearer’s preference. The lenses aren’t made of denim, however… they are polarised Zeiss lenses that complement the frames perfectly.

It took over four years for co-founders Jack Spencer and Alex Boswell of Mosevic to develop this process and they were able to fund through Kickstarter back in 2015. Both Jack and Alex have a background in sustainable product design, so they were always going to produce an interesting product that focused on recycling other materials.

Over the last few B Sunglasses Round-ups, we’ve seen environmental and sustainable ideas finding their ways into the designer eyewear sphere. Inevitably, designers are drawn to eyewear and this growing trend of eco-sunglasses is likely to build even further. We will continue to look out for these new, exciting projects, and we will report on them as they emerge.
That’s all we have time for this week. Please keep an eye on the blog for new stories, product lines and next week’s B Sunglasses Round-up!