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Greetings from the team at B Sunglasses and welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up! Each week, we report on the biggest news in the designer sunglasses world, along with relevant fashion and showbiz news. Last week, we talked about London Collections Men and Ray-Ban® big trademark dispute – you can read the whole round-up here. This week, we’re looking at Norton Point’s designer frames made from recycled plastic, Zungle’s sunglasses that use ‘bone-conducting’ technology to double as headphones, and our own exciting new line of Marshall sunglasses.


Sunglasses Made Using Recycled Ocean Plastic


This week, eco-conscious designers Norton Point announced that they are releasing three styles of sunglasses manufactured using recycled plastic salvaged from the ocean. Ryan Schoenike, one of the co-founders of Norton Point, said:

We believe that the eight million metric tons of plastic flowing into our oceans is one of our planet’s greatest environmental challenges and we have chosen to become part of the solution.

The idea came from a brainstorming session between myself and my business partner Rob.

We got talking about ocean plastic and how bad it was becoming. We realised that our backgrounds were a perfect mix to try and build a business around ocean plastics.

Ryan and Norton Point’s other co-founder, Rob Ianelli, seek to raise awareness of this problem and convince other people of the value of extracting and using this plastic for their own manufacturing process. Discussing the challenge he and Ianelli faced, Schoenike said:

We really felt that in order for more ocean plastic to be used in products we needed to help prove its value.

Currently, there is no value placed on this material. To create the value chain we need to show that consumers will want to purchase goods made with ocean plastic, resulting in the material being viewed as the valuable resource it is.

Creating and selling sunglasses is our first step toward this goal.

The three styles of sunglasses Norton Point has designed look great, tapping into a rugged, surfer aesthetic, and we think they’ll have no problem trying to sell them. But in order to fund the greater project, the company has created their own Kickstarter project.


‘The Current’ is one of three initial designs by Norton Point. You can see the other two and read up about the project on the Norton Point Kickstarter page.


 Sunglasses with  ‘Bone-conducting’ Headphone Technology


Bone-conducting technology almost sounds like something from science fiction, but it’s the real deal. LA-based company Zungle has designed a pair of stylish sunglasses that function as a pair of high-tech Bluetooth headphones that transmit sound along the bones in your skull through to your inner ear. The additional advantage – despite being undeniably cool – is that it allows the wearer to be aware of the sounds and obstacles around them, as there are no headphones obstructing their ears.


The sunglasses are called the Panther and they are only 45 grams, which is impressively light when you consider the speaker technology built into them. The Panther is available in over five different colours and comes with replaceable lenses. For B Sunglasses’ tastes, the style is a little too similar to the 3D glasses you get at the cinema, but we’re excited by the technology and hope to see more stylish models in the future. We do like the modern, urban angle for the design and anticipate that any newer models will follow in the initial design’s footsteps.

If you’re very interested in this new technology, you can read more about it on Jungle’s Kickstarter page.


3D-Printed Sunglasses from Emerging Student Designer


This week may have seen the beginnings of one of Europe’s brand new fashion designers, as fashion student Dávid Ring at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp created and presented his range of 3D-printed sunglasses (pictured above). Ring worked with Nils Faber, the concept designer at 3D printing company Materialise, to produce the range of sunglasses, which rely on the pliability of plastic to fit over wearers’ heads, meaning that there is no need for metal hinges or other movable parts.

The plastic he used obviously provides zero UV protection, but that’s hardly Ring’s concern at this point. His designer eyewear arguably stole the show at the Royal Academy’s Fashion Show last week, which bodes very well for the young designer’s future prospects. We think he’s worth watching in the future and that it’s always exciting to get a sneak preview into the eyewear designers of tomorrow.


A New Range of Marshall Eyewear Has Arrived!


Marshall Mick sunglasses – available here                         Marshall Jack sunglasses – available here

We are very excited to announce that we have a new range of Marshall Eyewear here at B Sunglasses. Marshall is famous all over the world for its modern designs, often riffing on classic, iconic templates, such as aviators (left) and clubmasters (right). With a range of over twenty models to choose from, we’re sure that Marshall enthusiasts and those new to the brand will be able to find something new and exciting just in time for the summer.

If you’re impressed with our range of Marshall sunglasses, then keep an eye on our blog over the next week or two, as we plan to write an entire blog post dedicated to this exciting eyewear designer.


And that’s all we have time for this week on our B Sunglasses Round-up. Next week, we’ll let you know how we got on with our REDHOTDOG challenge which will take place on Friday 24th on June. Have a great week.