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Welcome back to B Sunglasses’ weekly sunglasses news round-up. Each week, we gather together all of the best fashion, showbiz and business news concerning the world of designer sunglasses into one place. The goal is to make our B Sunglasses Round-up the number-one place for eyewear news on the net. This week, we’re talking about a charity auction selling a pair of signed Elton John Versace sunglasses, our recent buying tour to Italy, Amsterdam and London (incredibly exciting new stock coming your way), and recent scientific evidence that amber-tinted sunglasses can help people suffering from bipolar disorder.


Charity Auction: Versace Sunglasses Signed by Elton John


The Music Circle has put together a fantastic campaign to raise money to help fight gender inequality in Myanmar. This campaign has pulled out all the stops by getting hold of some of the most exciting celebrity items around to sell at auction. Perhaps the top item on this fabulous auction is a pair of Versace sunglasses signed by the Rocket Man himself, Elton John. A pair of Versace sunglasses is a luxury item anyway, so Sir Elton’s signature takes its value to astronomic heights. There are other celebrity prizes up for grabs too, such as Fearne Cotton’s Alice Temperley mini dress and an art canvas from Lady Gaga. You can check out all of the items and bid on them here.

If you’re inspired by these Versace sunglasses, then you should check out our Versace sunglasses collection, including the following exciting frames:


Versace Medusa Logo flared sunglasses in Havana – here


Versace ornate oversize geometric sunglasses in black – here


Versace Medusa Chain cateye sunglasses in black crystal – here


B Sunglasses Sunglasses Buying Tour: London, Amsterdam and Italy


Luxottica buying day lens display

July is always a very exciting and busy time for the buying team at B Sunglasses as we get to preview all of our designer brands’ new eyewear collections for 2016/2017. This year, within the space of two weeks, we visited Italy, Amsterdam and London to make our selections to add to our incredible range of designer sunglasses.

Our buying tour started in Venice, where we visited the Safilio HQ in Padova. Here, we previewed the new collections from luxury brands such as Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Hugo Boss. The new Fendi and Jimmy Choo collections are out of this world. And while Gucci’s catwalk pieces are perfect statement sunglasses, it was their heritage pieces with the infamous GG logo and Gucci stripes that really caught our eye. Hugo Boss didn’t disappoint either; they presented a dazzling selection of classic and sporty styles to choose from.


The beautiful Lake Como

After Padova, we made our way to Lake Como for Luxottica’s buying day. Here, we previewed popular designer brands, such as Ray-Ban®, Oakley and MIU MIU. The MIU MIU collection just keeps getting better and better, with some very exciting colours, shapes and layering coming out in 2016/2017. We were able to preview the exciting new Ray-Ban® Chromance lens story and their clip-on eyewear accessories. We were also privy to a sneak peek of one of the Ray-Ban® extravagant branded Ferrari’s (Good move sponsoring Ferrari, Ray-Ban®!).


The new Ferrari, sponsored by Ray-Ban®

Nerd alert: here at B Sunglasses, we’ve been very excited about the Smart Glasses collaboration between Oakley and Intel which is due to launch later this year. We finally managed to try out a pair at the buying day, and we were NOT disappointed! Smart Glasses are such an exciting innovation, and believe us when we tell you that athletes and sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed either!

Our next leg of the buying tour was in Amsterdam at the Marchon HQ to preview designer brands such as Chloe, G Star and Marnie. Chloe have added to the success of their oversized metal Silhouette by introducing three more striking frames to the collection. G-star continue to try and get a foothold into the sunglasses market with their zero base lens offering. One of their latest pieces has reached superstar status after being spotted in the latest B Sunglasses Chilli Peppers music video. Marnie have carried over their classic, European look to their eyewear: colour pops and great quality acetate frames were very much the order of the day.

The final leg of our buying tour was at Kerring’s UK HQ in London to preview luxury niche brands such as Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney. There are some truly stunning pieces in the new Saint Laurent collection, with some great add-ons to the popular SL1 style (this is a great start for Saint Laurent’s new Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello!). Chain sunglass accessories and bigger, better cat-eye styles were the story for Stella McCartney; it is very much “go bold or go home” with Stella’s aesthetic this year!

Over the next few months, look out for all of the new designer sunglasses we discovered in Italy, Amsterdam and London. Expect new ranges and updated products across all of our designer eyewear collections!

Amber-tinted Sunglasses May Help People with Bipolar Disorder

A study in the University of Bergen, in Norway, discovered recently that amber-tinted sunglasses may be able to improve sleeping patterns and curb the manic symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. The study looked at blocking blue light, as this range of light is responsible for resetting your body clock, waking you up each morning. Blue light is obviously found in sunlight, but it’s also found in the light from computer monitors and mobile phones—so we’re exposed to it long after the sun sets, which creates an unnatural reaction, upsetting our body clocks.

The university study, had patients wear amber-tinted sunglasses in the evening and it measured the improvements to symptoms of mania. The results were staggering, with noticeably positive results in just three days. Recently, blocking blue light with the use of amber-tinted sunglasses has been proven to help insomnia, migraines and depression, so the research is incredibly promising! And we’re pleased that sunglasses are getting the extra attention!


And that’s all we have time for this week on the B Sunglasses Round-up. Come back next week for even more sunglasses news!