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Welcome once again to our B Sunglasses Round-up, where we gather together the week’s sunglasses and eyewear news into one handy place. Last week we discussed Rihanna and Dior’s new line of sunglasses and rapper Rich the Kid’s limited edition rose-tinted sunglasses. This week, we’re looking at Ellen DeGeneres’s new line of sunglasses, how global eyewear sales are set to rise significantly by 2021 due to myopia and an aging population. Read on to find out more!


Ellen DeGeneres Brings Out Own Line of Sunglasses


American TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has announced that she will be entering into the eyewear business, with her debut collection of designer sunglasses. Her new brand will be called ‘ED by Ellen’ and she’s made it along with the clothing brand MODO.

Ellen has promised an initial line of 17 different designs, including sunglasses and standard optical frames. Images of the sunglasses collection have not yet been released, but ED by Ellen has said that it has been influenced by Ellen’s snappy, stylish fashion sense, with many classic frame designs — such as circular rims and aviator-styles — included for good measure.  ED by Ellen is set to be a huge hit in America and perhaps even across the Atlantic!

Global Glasses and Sunglasses Sales Set to Soar by 2021


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This week, research company Euromonitor International released some figures that are very promising for the eyewear industry. Apparently, due to higher life expectancies (always good to hear) populations around the world are aging, so we’re seeing increased rates of myopia (short-sightedness). As a result, the sales of optic glasses and prescription sunglasses are rising and are predicted to rise significantly over the next five years. At the minute, the global eyewear industry is generating approximately $121 billion, but this figure is predicted to increase to $136 billion by 2021. That increase in such a short period of time is incredible!

Obviously, the fact that more people are reaching the age where they need glasses is great news and we’re incredibly pleased to be part of the eyewear industry at this time. In our view, getting told by the optician that you need glasses for myopia doesn’t need to be viewed as terrible news, as prescription lenses are incredible and can completely transform the way you see. And anyway, chances are you’ve been short-sighted for quite a while and now you have the opportunity to see clearly again. If you’ve just had an eye test and are on the lookout for new prescription glasses, check out our prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses collections for a huge range of designer frames to choose from. You have to wear your prescription glasses every day, so make sure they’re as stylish as possible!


Our Summer Sale has Moved up to Monday the 25th of July


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For the last few weeks, we’d been promising the start of our summer sale for Monday 18th of July (the Monday that just passed). Sadly, there were a few delays that slowed us down and the sale has been pushed back to this coming Monday (tomorrow!). Despite the delay being a little disappointing for shoppers looking to get their new discounted sunglasses this week, the good news is that you haven’t missed your chance to get your favourite designer frames before they sell out.

Our summer sales are always a huge hit and we’re excited to hear from bloggers and social media socialites who buy their new pair of designer sunglasses in our summer sale. Take a picture of yourself wearing your sunglasses and post them on social media or your blog and let us know about it!


That’s all the sunglasses news we have time for this week at B Sunglasses. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up.