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Welcome back to the B Sunglasses Round-up, a weekly news piece about sunglasses and eyewear news all around the world. Whether it’s fashion, sport, music, or anything you can think of, if sunglasses are involved then we want to shout about it. This week saw the second week of Wimbledon, an exciting endorsement of a highland sunglasses company, and luxury watch brand Omega have announced their expansion into the world of designer eyewear. Read on to find out more!

Wimbledon is coming to a close!

This week saw the second half of Wimbledon 2016 and it’s been a lot of fun, both for tennis enthusiasts and for those of us who like to see the outfits and sunglasses sported by the celebrity audience members. With Djokovic and Federer out ahead of today’s men’s final, it’s been an incredibly volatile and exciting tournament.

But what about the fashion? That’s what we’re really interested in here at B Sunglasses. The event inspires a kind of classic British style that also seems to take on the flavour of modern fashions from around the world. Attending Wimbledon is always a glamorous affair and this year didn’t disappoint. This year, we saw a lot of round-rimmed sunglasses at Wimbledon and here are our top picks:



If you’re feeling inspired by Wimbledon’s glamourous celebrities and you’d like to get your hands on your own pair of round-rimmed sunglasses, then check out our round sunglasses collection today.

With regards to the tennis itself, we’ve been wondering why the players usually don’t wear sunglasses. We can’t seem to find a satisfactory answer for this. Perhaps they don’t want anything obstructing their vision? Which is fair, but some sports sunglasses are incredibly clear and would not hinder their vision at all. If you’re trying your hand at tennis after being inspired by Wimbledon, then we recommend protecting your eyes from the sun with a pair of sport sunglasses. You can have a look at our entire sports sunglasses collection today.


These Oakley Radarlock sunglasses would be perfect for a spot of tennis in the sun as their specialist three-point comfort fit ensures that the sunglasses stay exactly where they should be!


Omega enters into the world of designer sunglasses

On Wednesday, the luxury brand Omega, famous for its stunning timepieces, jewellery, and leatherwear, announced that it would debut its own brand of designer sunglasses later this year. The sunglasses will be designed and made in partnership with the Marcolin Group, the Italian eyewear manufacturers.

The advent of this partnership was perhaps in response to a similar partnership back in February when watch company Swatch Group partnered with eyewear manufacturers Safilo and announced that they planned to expand their business to include affordable eyewear. Omega is obviously a much more luxurious brand than Swatch and we’re excited to see the quality and beauty of their final product.


Richard Branson gets behind sunglasses brand from the Scottish Highlands!


Sir Richard Branson is one of the richest men in the world and famous for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. So his endorsement of Scottish Highlands–based sunglasses company Tens is an incredible boon to this young, promising British company.

Branson first heard about the company from a friend of his and was excited to support them when he learned a little more about them. Tens was started by three friends (two from the Highlands, one from Sheffield) who were avid filmmakers and photographers looking for a pair of sunglasses that would work well with natural light, making filming and photography possible while wearing sunglasses. The company has already generated more than £400,000 in online orders since its inception in 2014, and it’s this impressive beginning and entrepreneurial spirit that Branson wants to encourage:

Kris, Marty and Tom have shown tremendous entrepreneurial spirit to get where they are today; they’ve done an amazing job bringing their ambition to life

—Sir Richard Branson

Investments of this nature illustrate how healthy the British eyewear industry is. This is a dynamic and successful industry and it’s only getting larger as designer sunglasses receive a bigger focus in the global fashion industry. Onwards and upwards!

B Sunglasses Summer Sale


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B Sunglasses Brand of the Week

To make sure we’re making enough noise about the designer eyewear brands that matter, we’re going to look at a different designer each week. This week, we’re focusing on Fendi. Founded in Rome back in 1925, Fendi quickly found its feet as a luxury fashion house, contributing to the European fashion scene for the better part of a century. Over 90 years on, Fendi is going strong and their designer sunglasses are second to none and perfect for anyone who likes big, bold designs with an undeniably Italian flavour.


These Fendi Eye Colour cat eye sunglasses are just stunning – available here


These stunning browless cat eye sunglasses in shiny black illustrate Fendi’s sometimes-unusual approach to frame design – available here


These Fendi retro, 2-toned Havana sunglasses are perfect if you need something to complete your vintage look – available here


And that’s all the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Come back next week for more and make sure you join our newsletter if you’d like regular updates on our sales and new designer eyewear collections (You can sign up to our newsletter on our homepage). See you next week!