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Hello and welcome back to another B Sunglasses Round-up here at B Sunglasses. Our round-ups gather weekly sunglasses and eyewear news from around the world and put it all into one helpful blog post. We cover the latest eyewear fashions and technology, and pretty much anything else we find interesting. We’re sunglasses geeks and we want our customers to benefit from everything we know! Last week, we looked at the new Dlodlo virtual reality headset, which was turning heads because of its resemblance to a stylish pair of modern sunglasses. This week, we’re looking at the latest news that Luxottica is merging with Essilor in a deal worth £40 billion!


Luxottica and Essilor Merger Worth £40billion!


This week, there was a huge announcement in the eyewear industry: Luxottica (perhaps the biggest eyewear company in the world) is going to merge with the successful French company Essilor that specialises in glasses and sunglasses lenses. What’s more, this merger is likely to be worth in the region of £40billion!

This is huge news when you consider that Luxottica is already huge, given that it owns Ray-Ban®, Oakley, Persol, Vogue Eyewear, and so many more eyewear brands. And Essilor has been supplying lenses to many of the top designer eyewear brands around the world. The two companies are a perfect match for each other, as Essilor can help supply the lenses Luxottica uses for its glasses and sunglasses, saving costs of up to £527million! Once they are merged, Luxottica and Essilor are predicted to pull in a yearly revenue of around £13billion.

“Finally, after 50 years, two products which are naturally complementary, namely frames and lenses, will be designed, manufactured and distributed under the same roof.”

– Leonardo Del Vecchio – the founder of Luxottica

From our perspective, we want to know what this might mean for the wider eyewear industry. One possibility is that Luxottica’s complete access to Essilor’s lens-making facilities might mean that they are able to make prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and glasses at a much lower rate than before. This might reflect in the cost of their products or in the range of products coming out of their design studios. Either way, this merger can only be a positive boon to the eyewear industry.


Julbo Announces Return of Classic Round Sunglasses for Mountaineers


Image source: Julbo

Julbo is one of the classic outdoors sunglasses brands and its Julbo Round sunglasses (now referred to as Vermont sunglasses) are making a return. Sunglasses were considered an essential piece of kit for hikers as far back as 1974 when sun protection (both for your skin and your eyes) was prioritised in the famous magazine Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills when they made a list of the top ten things every mountaineer should bring with them. Mountaineers, it seems, were ahead of the curve when it comes to eye health.

Julbo’s classic round mountaineering sunglasses were a favourite amongst hikers and mountaineers because they were very comfortable, fitted well, and were very durable. They also look amazing and have a kind of Victorian steampunk vibe to them that’s very hard to resist.

This year, Julbo is re-releasing its Vermont sunglasses with a few differences. They’ll be called the “Vermont Classic” and they’ll be available in a range of coloured lenses made from different polycarbonate materials with a choice of different shade categories for different climbing situations. This means that you can choose category 4 lenses (very shaded) if you know you’re going somewhere very bright and you need as much shade as possible – this is perfect if you’re climbing a very reflective surface that gets a lot of sun. Or you can choose category 3 lenses for sunglasses with shading more suitable for a range of scenarios.

We don’t currently have Julbo as one of our brands, but we do have a brilliant range of sports sunglasses. Check them out if you’re inspired to get out climbing this spring/summer! Here are a few of our favourite sports sunglasses that would be perfect for climbers:


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Hugo BOSS Active Half Rim Sunglasses in Grey Carbon Red Polarised


January’s Giveaways Continue: Persol Sunglasses


All January, in a battle against the January Blues, we’ve been giving away some brilliant sunglasses prizes on our social media channels. It’s great to interact with our customers on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and we love sending giveaways and prizes to people.

This week, we’re giving away these incredible Persol sunglasses. Persol is one of the biggest designer brands in the world, hailing from Italy – the epicenter for global eyewear fashion. Keep an eye on our social media activity to spot our next big giveaway!


And that’s all of the eyewear news we have for you this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!