B Sunglasses Round-up | Sunglasses News from May 16th to 22nd

The experts at B Sunglasses like to stay on top of sunglasses and fashion news. It’s been an interesting week in the world of eyewear as a scientific report came out proving that some sunglasses can ease migraine pain. Read on to find out more.


Sunglasses could prevent headaches

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Anyone who suffers from regular migraines can jump for joy as there may be a simple way to ease your pain! New research from Harvard Medical School, who also worked with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC), has found that sunglasses might be the answer! But not just any sunglasses — they must only allow in a certain kind of light. The research team discovered that exposing migraine suffers who are sensitive to bright light with a narrow band of green light reduces their pain by up to 20 per cent.

Pain from bright light is called photophobia and Dr Rami Burstein from BIDMC explained that ‘More than 80 per cent of migraine attacks are associated with and exacerbated by light sensitivity, leading many migraine sufferers to seek the comfort of darkness and isolate themselves from work, family and everyday activities.’

Given these findings, researchers are now developing sunglasses that block all colours of light except green light. They are also working on light bulbs that give off a pure green light at a low intensity. The availability of these treatments will increase over time and we’re wondering if any designers might be interested in making some designer, anti-migraine shades…

Matt Le Blanc, wraparound sunglasses are not your friends



In other news (if celebrities making terrible fashion blunders is considered news), Friend’s star and soon-to-be Top Gear presenter Matt LeBlanc made a very public fashion blunder this week at the CBS Upfronts presentation in New York when he paired sporty green-tinted wraparound sunglasses with a smart navy suit. LeBlanc (pictured above) clearly knows how to choose a suit, but his sporty sunglasses are definitely the wrong choice, and his poor sartorial acumen has even earned him negative attention from men’s fashion experts GQ Magazine.

There are so many amazing designer sunglasses to pair with a suit, and it’s something we feel very strongly about! Here are three options we wish Matt LeBlanc had gone with instead:

These silver Alexander McQueen Iconic Skull Square Aviators

Image 3

These SUPER black clubmaster-style sunglasses by Retrosuperfuture Gonzo

Image 4

These Tom Ford Frederik Sunglasses in Shiny Black

Image 5


Mormon missionaries are now allowed to wear sunglasses and sun hats

Whether you’re religious or not, you’re bound to have seen Mormon missionaries out in their suits and ties. If you’re walking around outside all day then you need to be dressed for the weather. This is the thinking behind the LDS announcement that their missionaries, who all follow a strict dress code, were now permitted to wear sunglasses and sun hats when out in sunny weather.

As the Church of Latter-day Saints is based in Utah, the Utah Department of Health Cancer control program was very pleased with this announcement, saying that ‘it just makes sense to have missionaries pack hats and sunglasses.’ They say ‘anyone who works that much outdoors in the sun should take measures to protect themselves.’

The church hasn’t given missionaries free reign, however, as their focus is still on dressing to impress. Their guidelines were as follows:

‘You may wear simple and conservative (black rims and no mirrored lenses) sunglasses to provide protection from the sun. However, unless your sunglasses serve a medical purpose, you should not wear them when speaking with others or while indoors.’  Perhaps the style needs to be simple, but we hope that some sense of stylishness is permitted as black shades can look incredibly smart. Have a look at our black sunglasses range here.

Summer did not come early, but this year promises to be a big one!


Last week we might have jumped the gun by announcing the news that that summer had come early. The claim followed an incredible heatwave that brought highs of 26 °C at the beginning of May. But this week the weather has reverted back to something a little more familiar for springtime in Britain. However, many meteorologists predict that 2016 will be the hottest year on record due to combination of factors, including El Niño, a phenomenon that brings warm waters to colder regions, heating them up. We just hope that people get ready for the warmer weather. Why not take a look at our designer sunglasses before the sunny weather really hits.