It’s been a week of celebration and joy. New York Fashion Week, Chinese New Year, a load of exciting new arrivals and a brand new website launch. Let’s take a look at what B Sunglasses have been up to…

This week has been fireworks and celebrations worldwide. New York Fashion week kicked off, showcasing the new trends for eyewear and clothing, both on and off the runway. Tiny sunglasses were the rage at Fashion Week and we picked out a few for you to wear on our Fashion Friday blog. Today is Chinese New Year begins and the celebrations last up to two weeks. We selected some of the top places to visit to join in the Lunar celebrations. Fireworks, food and high spirits are guaranteed everywhere.

Small Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold Green by Ray-Ban.

B Sunglasses have been busier than ever with the launch of our new website. The new site is a Responsive Web Design, making it easier to browse and purchase our eyewear. The minimalist and luxury design has given the site a real face life, and beautifully matches the high end designer eyewear we stock. We’re excited to offer our customers the optimum purchasing experience they deserve.


Sunglasses are stealing the limelight at the Winter Olympics. South Korean Olympic figure skater Alex Kang-chan Kam, is the star of viral video – and a subsequent memes – of him staring in to the camera lens and removing his olympic sunglasses to reveal another pair. It’s as if this guy has been waiting for this moment to throw serious shade his whole life. Alex was also in headlines for dabbing on camera during the opening ceremony. His accessorizing is legendary.

Denney wearing Cazal Legends.

International DJ and B Sunglasses Brand ambassador, Denney was looking slick last week in Central Park wearing a pair of Cazal Legends. Denney´s on tour in the US and keeps his style fresh with Cazal whilst exploring the sights.

Charlotte Fisher wearing Gucci eyewear.

Charlotte Fisher was out looking perfectly pink in her furry jacket and pink mini skirt. Her messy bun was matched with a statement pair of Gucci sunglasses and some stunning white boots.

Phil Parsley wearing Oakley.

Phil Parsley was racing at Croft in a vibrant pair of Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses. Oakley is a leading sportswear brand providing optimum support for athletes like Phil who are pushing themselves to their limits.

By.Osquare is still making us jealous by sunning it up in the Philippines. Relaxing in a crystal clear pool, with a dreamy fruit platter, she wears a simplistic white bikini and a luxury pair of Prada sunglasses. Get the look here…

Keep your eyes peeled for fresh launch offers on our new site and check in here next week for all the latest eyewear news.