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Welcome back to another B Sunglasses Round-up here at B Sunglasses. Every week, we gather up all of the biggest and most interesting sunglasses and eyewear news stories and put them into one place. The eyewear industry is very diverse, so we often cover fashion, technology, and our own B Sunglasses news, such as new products, competitions, and sales. Last week, we looked at Alana Hadid’s (Gigi Hadid’s sister) new line of sunglasses and an experimental payment scheme in Australia using contactless payment devices attached to the arms of sunglasses. This week, we’re looking at new customisable running sunglasses from a start-up called Skelmet, Adidas’s new Zonyk Aero sunglasses for cyclists, and our buying trip to London earlier this week.


Skelmet – Truly Bespoke Sports Sunglasses


Image source: Skelmet

Anyone who has looked for the perfect running sunglasses will understand that not all sports sunglasses were created equal. They will also probably have bought one or two ill-fitting sunglasses over the years, all the while searching for the perfect fit. Well two friends, Rain Wang and James Cau have attempted to develop sunglasses that perfectly fit runners’ faces, eliminating all of the wobbling and sliding many runners experience.

Cau and Wang’s idea is called Skelmet and it currently an Indigogo campaign. The service works by scanning your face with the Skelmet app, which maps out your face according to 86 key facial features. Skelmet then uses 3D printing to manufacture your perfect-fitting sunglasses. This is a brilliant idea, and it will probably do very well with serious runners who compete in marathons and triathlons. In fact, Rain Wang, is a triathlete and it was her frustration with running sunglasses that first gave her the idea for Skelmet – her background as an architect helped the project from a design perspective.

Another great aspect of Skelmet’s service is that people can choose the design and colours they like best after the app has scanned their face. This degree of customisation will definitely prove popular, but it’s a given that Skelmet’s aim is for practicality, not style. The brand will almost certainly do well as it has found a brilliant niche in the eyewear industry, but for those of us who desire truly stylish sports sunglasses, we’ll probably stick to brands like Oakley and Dragon. If you’re inspired by all this talk of sports sunglasses and you don’t want to wait until Skelmet establishes itself, then you might like to check out our sports sunglasses collection.


Adidas’s New Zonyk Aero Sunglasses Are Perfect for Cyclists


Image source: Adidas

Many avid cyclists are very picky about their equipment – and this pickiness most definitely extends to sunglasses. So it’s good news for cyclists that Adidas has launched its update to the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S sunglasses collection, called Zonyk Aero. The new Zonyk Aero looks amazing and makes use of the semi-rimless style we’ve seen on many of the brand’s recent sports sunglasses. Not only does the semi-rimless style look great, but Adidas has also said that it offers better lower and peripheral vision, which is perfect for cyclists as it allows them to better see the road beneath them as well as hazards and vehicles either side of them.

The frames have a ClimaCool ventilation feature to allow cool air into your eyes and face on warm days. The frame material is also said to be as durable as it is light, and the adjustable bridge and temples help you achieve the most secure, comfortable fit possible and can even be adjusted easily on the move to meet your needs halfway through a journey.

There is also a sweat bar made out of foam that you can attach and detach as needed. The new lenses also adjust to light, getting darker in bright light and lighter in dim light. This allows you to carry on cycling if light conditions change suddenly whilst you’re on the road. Another big benefit of this is that only one type of lens is required for all cycling journeys.


Bloggers Covering B Sunglasses Products

This year, B Sunglasses is getting some incredible coverage from some of the top fashion bloggers and fashion editors. This week, we were pleased to see our MIU MIU glasses featured on Carolina Ogliaro’s Theworldc.com, you can see her Instagram shot below:


Image source: Instagram

We were also pleased to see our Saint Laurent sunglasses modeled by male fashion blogger Christian Bendek. Christian is one of the best male fashion bloggers we’ve ever seen and we recommend his blog to anyone interested in male fashion. You can see his Instagram photo below:


Image source – Instagram


Buying Trip – We’re adding 3 New Brands to the B Sunglasses Collection!

This week, some of us at B Sunglasses went down south on one of the many buying trips we make each year. On Monday, we visited Marchon’s UK headquarters in Guildford to preview a new selection of brands to add to B Sunglasses’ ever-growing product portfolio. We are always looking for the latest sunglasses in order to offer our customers an even greater selection of sunglasses and glasses.

We were absolutely blown away by Marchon’s collections on Monday and we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be launching three new designer brands in March:

  • MCM
  • Karl Lagerfeld (with a lot of cateye shapes inspired by Karl’s love for his cat!)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

We’re really excited to add these brands to our collection and we hope our customers like the stunning eyewear designs as much as we do.

On Tuesday morning, we visited Safilo’s UK headquarters in London to preview the latest collection updates on a huge range of brands, including Jimmy Choo, Carrera, Polaroid, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Hugo Boss. We’re excited about the updates on all of the brands, including the following:

  • Jimmy Choo’s Lash cateye sunglasses
  • Fendi’s beautiful oversized square sunglasses
  • Carrera’s stunning heritage sunglasses
  • Polaroid’s slightly oversized round sunglasses – which are set to be the go-to style for 2017’s festival season
  • And updates on the sporty chic designs we’ve come to expect from BOSS.

On Tuesday afternoon, we visited Kering’s headquarters to preview and add to our Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent collections. We’ve even got a little sneak peekstella_mccartney_mens_sunglasses_philly at Stella McCartney’s brand new men’s sunglasses, modeled by our eCommerce Manager, Philly:


Overall, B Sunglasses’ first buying trip of 2017 was a huge success. We’re seeing a huge trend towards white sunglasses as well as shields/visors – so we’re eager to see how that trend develops throughout the year!


And that’s all of the sunglasses news we have time for this week. I hope to see you back here next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!