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Welcome to the last B Sunglasses Round-up before Christmas! Each week, our round-ups bring together top sunglasses news along with anything new or exciting happening in the B Sunglasses HQ. Our goal is to be one of the best places for anyone to find out new stories about the eyewear industry. Last week, we looked at Everysight’s new AR smart sunglasses for cyclists. This week, we’re looking at Morgan Motor’s first sunglasses design and our very own gifts for him and her.

Morgan Motor Company Has Joined the Eyewear Industry


Image source: Morgan Motor

British car company Morgan Motor has branched out into the eyewear industry with a new line of sunglasses along with the help of Taylor Morris Eyewear. Morgan has been producing handmade cars since 1906. With an incredible track record making classic cars for well over a century, it was a surprise when Morgan Motors announced their new line of sunglasses. At first, it’s difficult to see how Morgan Motors’ cars and new sunglasses come together, but a closer look at their classic cars and it’s pretty obvious: they are almost all convertibles and some kind of eye protection is always ideal when driving a convertible.

The head designer at Morgan Motors is called Jon Wells, and he based the design of the sunglasses on period racing clothing, 1930s-style racing goggles, and even certain design elements from their 3-wheeler car! The result is a pair of sunglasses with a beautifully conceived aesthetic with a classic British look and a touch of Art Deco.

The production of these sunglasses was only made possible for Morgan Motors because they chose to work with Taylor Morris Eyewear, an eyewear company that started up in 2013 by two friends Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris. Morris first made a name for himself in the show Made in Chelsea, but he has since left and is doing well as a relatively new name in the eyewear industry.

It’s always great to see sports and technology companies entering the sunglasses industry. Morgan Motor’s investment is testament to the flourishing eyewear industry. People are more into eyewear than ever before and it’s a brilliant time to design, make, and sell sunglasses!


B Sunglasses Gift Ideas That Will Get to You Before Christmas!


MIU MIU Crystal Rocks sunglasses and Alexander McQueen Aviators

As we have such an incredibly fast and reliable delivery system, there is still more than enough time for you to order a few presents from us and have them arrive before Christmas. In fact, for UK deliveries you can order as late as Thursday the 22nd of December and you’ll get them by Christmas. With this in mind, we’ve gone to a little effort to come up with a few gift ideas for men and women. Obviously, some people have a sense of style that falls between standard ideas of men and women’s style, so you might find something for the one you love in either section. Check out our gift ideas for men and gifts for women blog posts. We also have dedicated shopping pages filled with gifts for her and gifts for him. Here are a few highlights from both collections:


Ray-Ban® Clubmasters in mock tortoiseshell


Shwood Limited Edition Canby sunglasses


Tom Ford Cary sunglasses in shiny black polarised


Tom Ford Dashel sunglasses in shiny rose gold pink


Guess Clubmaster-style sunglasses in white


Jimmy Choo Dema sunglasses in blue


Brand New Sunglasses

B Sunglasses got in a huge amount of new sunglasses over the last few weeks. So we thought we’d shout about them a bit. Our new men’s sunglasses range has models from Paul Smith, Ray-Ban®, Persol, Tom Ford, and so much more. Shopping through this range is a great way to compare all of the latest styles and colours, helping you figure out what you like most.


Brand new Paul Smith Aviators – available here


The women’s new sunglasses range has models from top designers, such as Guess, Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban®, Versace, Bvlgari, and many more. Looking through this collection will help you get an idea of the latest styles from the world’s top designers. It could help you figure out which sunglasses designer stands out on top for you.


Christmas Discount Codes

For the last few weeks before Christmas we’ve been hiding secret discount codes all over the site. If you find a code on any of our pages, make note of it and use it when you get to the checkout. We’re offering a variety of discounts, including 10%, 20%, 30% all the way up to 50%. Get searching through the site today and you can use the codes to save on your Christmas shopping!


That’s all of the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Please come back next week for even more, and make sure you have a merry Christmas!