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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up, our weekly sunglasses news blog post where we pick and choose the biggest stories in the eyewear industry and put them all in one place. It’s also a great opportunity for us to shout about some of our special offers, competitions, and our new products. On last week’s blog post we looked at how Snapchat’s Spectacle sunglasses were getting prescription lenses, and we also looked at the various exciting competitions and promotions we’re running ahead of Christmas. This week, we’re going to follow up on the promotions and talk about Everysight’s new smart sunglasses for cyclists that allow them to see an AR display of their cycling metrics over their vision!

Everysight Creates AR Sunglasses Inspired by Fighter Jets


Image source: Everysight

Everysight is one of the world’s top augmented reality developers and this week they announced their latest invention: smart sunglasses for cyclists that help them look at their stats (BPM, speed, distance travelled, etc) without taking their eyes off the road. These special sunglasses are called Raptor AR and they present all of the cyclist’s statistics in front of their vision, which looks a little like something from a computer game or a science fiction film.


Image source: Everysight

These Raptor AR smart sunglasses use Everysight’s special patented BEAM technology. It allows them to overlay the cyclist’s vision with their stats in real time. The level of detail and the sophistication of the technology is a lot like that used for fighter pilots. This is a big step forward for technologically advanced sunglasses. It’s been a huge year for sunglasses and tech coming together: we’ve seen the Oakley Rader Pace, Snap’s Spectacles, and Intel and Hussein Chalayan’s collaboration at Paris Fashion Week. Eyewear and technology are becoming more and more connected to one another, so it’s an exciting time to be in the eyewear industry!


Christmas Promo Codes


We mentioned our Christmas promo codes briefly last week, but we thought we’d follow through with more info in this blog post. On the run-up to Christmas we will be sharing and tweeting Christmassy images with special purchasing codes that will help customers out in a variety of ways (the image above is an example of one of our promo codes). Keep a watchful eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the different promotions, which will include codes for the following benefits, and much more:

10% off all full price eyewear

Free gift wrap

Free maintenance kit

Free Nerd Wax

Free single vision lenses will all glasses


Ideas for Winter Accessories

Whether you’re looking for yourself, or for gifts for your loved ones, good winter accessories are always popular at this time of year. With the low winter sun, sunglasses should still be worn in winter (plus they look great!), so we always encourage people to look through our range of designer sunglasses. However, this week, we put together a helpful guide for winter accessories, sourcing the best gloves, hats, scarves (you name it) from all around the web. Check it out for a bunch of outfit and gift ideas!


Competition: Soleheaven and B Sunglasses Gift Vouchers

#Win £200 Worth of Sneaker & Eyewear Gift Vouchers

We know that the days and weeks before Christmas can be tough. The stress and cost of finding all the right presents can be a little too much sometimes, so it’s nice to get something for free. We were always going to run a competition, but we wanted to make it extra special this year. So teaming up with another brilliant Newcastle-based company like Soleheaven seemed like a great idea. Soleheaven is an incredible place to get sneakers/trainers, including exclusive releases or brand new models before many other retailers. Many of Soleheaven’s products are a good match with our designer sunglasses, so teaming up to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a £100 gift voucher for both Soleheaven and B Sunglasses feels like a brilliant idea. One lucky winner will win £200-worth off vouchers, half for B Sunglasses and the other half for Soleheaven. Click this link to enter the competition. It’s quick, easy, and you may even be able to give the vouchers as presents…

Secret Christmas Codes

The last big promotion we’re doing before Christmas is perhaps the most exciting. We have made a bunch of different codes that offer customers significant discounts off our products. The codes will give customers one of the following discounts:

£100 off

£50 off

£20 off

£10 off

50% off

30% off

20% off

10% off

There will be more of the lower discount codes and less of the bigger discounts. Each code can only be used once, so make sure you have a look around the site for them before they get used. Look in main category pages and in individual product pages. It’s like a scavenger hunt with the potential to get up to £100 off your next B Sunglasses purchase!


And that’s all of the eyewear news we have for you this week. Please come back next week for more sunglasses news and Christmas promotions.